"You can't make a cup of tea from an empty pot"

Scroll down to explore the treatments that Bex and Oliver offer.

Your treatment can be tailored to suit your needs upon request, and every effort is made to ensure the time you invest in yourself is rewarded.

£25 for 30 mins

£35 for 60 mins

£60 for 60 mins


for treatments for children and organisations 


Energy healing

Energy healing is simple. It is the role of Sol Energies to simply hold space and be the vessel from which healing is received by the client. In this way, it is actually you that performs the healing as you'll only ever receive what you welcome. What you receive, depends entirely on what you require that day to bring you back to just simply being yourself.

Bex and Oliver have given thousands of healings between them and each one has been different. They aim to demystify the whole process and remind themselves and their clients constantly, that it is simply a process of remembering.

Combining many traditions, Reiki healing, crystal therapy, shamanic and intuitive processes etc...Energy Healing treatments are profoundly peaceful and provide the opportunity for you to truly blossom back into your own authentic self. 

Whether it's deep transformation you require, or a treatment just to settle and take stock of where your life is, afterwards you'll be left feeling that you received exactly what you needed.

Please check our "Testimonials" page to read of how Bex and Oliver have helped re align people with their truth and self-love. Also please see our "About Us" section for details of Oliver and Bex and see who you resonate with for this treatment...or perhaps both!

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Massage - SWEDISH//deep tissue/aromatherapy

SweedishA classic Massage, which promises to be relaxing and calming. It is designed specifically to increase oxygen flow within the body and release toxins from the body. Perfect for after sporting activities, strenuous exercise or simply to relax and de-stress.

Deep TissueSoothing and warming effleurages with deep kneading, and stretching. A more focused massage which will help to free up restrictions in your muscles and joints, allowing you to feel  taller, looser and more comfortable in your body. If you really like to “feel” your massage, then this is the one for you.

AromatherapyThe use of essential oils from plants for their therapeutic properties. With numerous health benefits, an aromatherapy massage is prescription to your needs and health requirements; be it depression, headaches, stress, muscle tension, hormone imbalances, skin disorders- to name but a few. An extremely soothing and gentle massage using a mixture of traditional techniques with eastern and neuromuscular influences.


Reflexology - clinical/power/fertility/pregnancy

Reflexology is an amazing non intrusive therapy which aims to activate the healing powers within your own body through the manipulation of the feet. By restoring balance naturally within the body, it releases tension, restores energy levels, improves sleep, helping you to feel emotionally and physically stronger.

Reflexology is not just a wonderful relaxing therapeutic treatment, but is widely used to support those suffering from a wide range of conditions such as migraine, depression, anxiety, IBS, chronic pain and fatigue, and autoimmune disorders and can be used safely alongside conventional medical treatments.

Bex also specialises in advanced reflexology for women's health, supporting women from the beginning of their pregnancy during conception, right through to labouring and delivering naturally, and then helping their body recover and re-balance after birth. 

It is also beneficial in supporting women who have other endocrine disorders such as endometriosis, PCOS, pre-menstrual tension or who are menopausal. 

To get the most from your reflexology treatment it is advisable to have a course of 6 treatments, to allow your body to fully balance and restore itself back to optimum health and vitality.


Sound Healing

Sound can heal like no other, as it breaks down the language barriers that we all have. It helps move past thinking into feeling in a very gentle and powerful way. It also makes us present in the present, as we unfold into the now by just releasing and letting go.

Held in a healing soundscape, using the voice, drum, didgeridoo, crystal singing bowls etc Sol Energies give an individual or group a treatment which immerses the recipient in a deep and very personal experience. 

Much like any type of energy healing, it is much better felt and experinced that thought about and understood.


Tarot - Traditional/angel/oracle

Bex is a gifted, intuitive card reader. Using a variety of different spreads and cards, Bex is able to deliver messages of guidance which best supports people on their journey, by using this classic tool of divination.

Warmth, love and compassion are at the centre of each reading.  It can help by providing a map to creating improvement and growth in your life. The healing, the sharing, the listening, are all involved in the process. Bex often refers to tarot as a tool for manifestation, giving you an overview of your position, pointing your strengths and weaknesses, what needs more work, more love, current challenges, and then ultimately a map to achieve your goals and dreams. 

It opens a door for a deeper awareness, invites change, and firmly puts you back in the seat of your life and at the helm of your own powerful creative experience. 

Every effort is made to inspire....... 

Reading can be delivered by telephone/ Skype, with any notes being passed on by email. 


Readings are priced as £20 for 30 minutes or £40 for 60 minutes. 


Parties and group readings are also available for those in the local area. 


one 2 one MEDIATION

Personalised meditation sessions with Oliver seek to create an environment where you can take your meditation practice to the next level. Through breath work, guided visulaisations and the use of music and sound if you wish, Oliver can teach methods which can be done alone at home.

If you have been unable to connect with group meditations or perhaps only seem to be getting so far with meditations you have found online, this person focused style of teaching meditation can help you really feel confident with your own connection to yourself and ability to meditate independently.

Suited to you and your journey, support is given after the session in the form of email communication and downloadable guided meditations to help you cement your lessons into a daily practice.

It is also possible to request a bespoke recorded meditation which you may which to use for healing, spiritual development, dealing with depression/anxiety etc. This would be done upon consultation and Oliver will ensure the meditation and recording is energetically matched to where you are on your journey.


Coaching - business/emotional/spiritual

Just like all aspects of our lives, our careers and businesses reflect the purpose and direction we hold within. It is by understanding this mirroring, that we can effect change in our worlds which resonates in all extensions of self.

Equally, you may be happy with you direction in these areas and re-balance is needed in your personal/family and emotional worlds. Sol Energies enrich businesses and individuals by using a variety of techniques to spread empowerment by helping the flow of life to return to one simple maxim : Be Yourself!

Bex and Ollie find all types of coaching very rewarding, as they have grown their own business out of a desire to unite all their worlds as one, and love learning from the clients they see.



Couples treatments

Wherever you are in your relationship, by having a couple's treatment with Sol Energies, you'll both be welcomed to witness and celebrate who you are in the presence of each other.

Bex and Ollie are both present in this treatment, facilitating energy healing for you both side by side.

Time spent non-verbally allowing energy patterns, behaviors and emotions to find their natural path back home within you, to support you at your best, allows you to honor the very best in your partner also.

The focus here of this treatment is on the individual. In that, the work Bex and Ollie do is to allow each person to feel and be very simply be their beautiful selves. By doing this, within the relationship, it allows the freedom of each individual to express and be themselves to flourish.

Love isn't meant to be complicated, and is at its most healthy in a relationship when it is given the space to simply be.

Come and make it simple again.



Auricular Therapy (Hopi ear candles) - Including lymphatic drainage face/ scalp massage

A natural and relaxing therapy used traditionally by the Hopi Indians. It is extremely relaxing and soothing and helps support in the reduction of tinnitus, sinusitis, ear wax, snoring, and hay fever.

It is complimented beautifully by a lymphatic drainage face and scalp massage, allowing the the whole face and head to feel a deep release of tension.          



Aromatherapy has been a popular addition to the world of complementary therapies for the last 50 years. The essential oils consist of powerful plant and flower extracts which have numerous therapeutic benefits to the mind, body and soul- they really are one of natures gifts.

Aromatherapy is especially effective in treating stress related problems and a variety of chronic conditions. Each blend is totally prescription to your needs, and lovingly prepared with only the highest quality oils. This simple, yet powerful and effective therapy can transform your well-being and is the perfect addition to any hands on body work treatment and can be a stand-alone treatment or incorporated upon request.

A take away tailored blend for you can be created and taken home to support you through your journey. Please esquire about prices.


Shamanic Healing and Soul Work

If you are at a point in your spiritual journey where you would like to further your inner remembering, then upon consultation, Sol Energies can provide treatments, advice and practices that can help you truly remember who you are.

Spiritual lore is simple, be yourself and be love. That's not to say it is easy however. By making the commitment to yourself to become all who you are, in all your brilliance, you honor your soul's responsibility.

By bringing together all of Sol Energies resources, we can guide you to that place of inner remembrance that perhaps your ready to re-claim.

We look forward to joining you.