Energy Healing

"Sometimes it's hard to put into words what you want to say. Bex and I have been spiritually "in tune" since we connected. Then I had my treatment with Oliver this week which came at exactly the right time (strangely booked in advance) and wow what a difference it has made. My first experience with Reiki - fantastic!!! I can't rave about these two enough! You never know it might change your life!"

MR - July 2017

"I have had treatments from both Bex and Ollie and their energy and kindness is overwhelming. Both incredible people and offering a beautiful service to help others. I could not recommend highly enough. Thank you both :-)"

VL - August 2017

"I saw Oliver for some Energy Healing just before I was about to go travelling to Australia. I'm glad I did as was able to use this time really ask myself what I wanted at this point in my life. Couldn't recommend him enough, especially if your wishing to grow and change your perspective on life"

SCJ - September 2017

"I have had a few tarot readings with Bex and she is just SPOT ON! I absolutely adore this girl - and I am so so proud of her and everything and everyone she is helping through her work! YOU.ARE.AMAZING! All I can say is the biggest Thank You ❤️❤️  "

MC - July 2017

"I won a 60 minute session with Bex. She did crystal healing and reiki and it was just wonderful! I had a lot on my mind and I left feeling like a weight had been lifted. She is so warm and welcoming and I would recommend that everyone go and see her. I can't wait to book another appointment"

JS - June 2017


"Well what can I say. I've had the most amazing massage I've had in a long time! Bex made me feel so relaxed and because of health reasons she adapted to my needs which made me feel so comfortable. I've already booked my next treatment and can't wait! I also had my cards read today and didn't know what to expect but she was so good and true it was amazing so I feel I can go have one done again with no worries. Thanks again Bex xxx"

HP - May 2017

"I've had few massages over the years and can in all honestly say Bex has given me the best massage I've ever had. She's very attentive and makes sure she's massaging you just how you prefer. She's also very caring and professional and I felt I could totally relax in her company. I suffer from sciatica and my back felt 100% better afterwards."

EGB - June 2017

Couples Treatments

"Thank-You Sol Energies and WOW!! What a grounding experience it was to have a couples Reiki session. Bex and Ollie are gentle and calming individuals with exceptional experience. The love between them comes through in these sessions allowing the whole experience to be enlightening. The session brought us closer together as a couple and reminded us how strong we are as one. xxx

These sessions are so relaxing, calming, enlightening and grounding bringing 2 bodies and soles together, Thank-You Sol Energies and especially Bex & Ollie xxx"

GB - September 2017

"My husband and I had a couple's Reiki session with Bex & Ollie and the whole experience was so refreshing that we both felt rejuvenated when leaving and have booked another session for Sept. All the experience's that I have shared recently have left me very happy and refreshed. Enthusiastic about my life! I know i was always in the best place with the most experienced couple and I am so happy and fortunate to have found Sol Energies."

KB - July 2017

Meditation Sessions for Children

" I have known Oliver for approximately 5 years. I first came to know him when he became a client in the salon that I own. Through general conversation I learned more about Meditation and Energy Healing.

At a time where anxiety was becoming a problem personally, I decided to book a session for myself and my son, who at the time was 8 years old and had just been diagnosed with ADHD. We both found our session inspiring, calming and helpful at a time where life seemed very chaotic.

We have both continued to have sessions over the last 18 months. I did not take the decision lightly with regard to my son and this type of treatment but I had trust and faith, and I am glad I did. The sessions with Oliver have been a very positive exercise, my son has found them of huge benefit and we will definitely be continuing with them in the future.

Oliver is very professional in his manner but also kind and patient. I would absolutely recommend Oliver as being extremely skilled in practice with a natural apathy and understanding of his clients, he is also a man of great integrity who is polite and honest in his dealings.

HB - March 2017

"When my 8 yr old son was having problems getting to sleep we went and saw the Doctor who said he could prescribe something.  It was not what I wanted to happen so having spoken to Ollie he suggested some meditation could help.  We were open to anything that wasn’t taking pills.

He was open to trying anything as it had been distressing him and our session with Ollie was AMAZING.  My son listened to every word Ollie told him and left so happy and talked of nothing else.  That night he went to bed and did his meditation.  It has helped so very much and he still enjoys doing it, sometimes we do a meditation together.  I LOVE that he has something he knows helps for those times he struggles.  Would thoroughly recommend Ollie for anyone needing something natural to help them with any difficulties."  

JB - July 2017

"I have been having problems in my sleep.  There have been voices in my head, it happens occasionally to me but the meditation has been helping a lot.  Thank you Ollie."

DB - Aged 8 - July 2017

"I wanted to thank you for the session, I think L----- really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I too feel like it was a lovely session and I would definitely be interested in seeing you again for some reiki"

TD - August 2017


"Had my first ever mini reflexology treatment and Bex was so good with her approach to the treatment and me. Really felt her time with me was valuable to both me and her. If ever I'm down in Exeter I will be back for my second, Thanks Bex!!"

MP - July 2017

"Bex is so lovely, she made me feel so relaxed and the things she said were so true. I would definitely recommend her as a relfexologist and for her loveliness. Thank you!"

SW - July 2017

"After a few reflexology sessions and Reiki I am so pleased I found Bex and enjoy every session. She is so bright and so professional."

JB - Sept 2017


"Bex did a group tarot reading for four of us this week, three of whom had never had a tarot reading before. We all loved our readings. They were all very different and all very accurate and insightful, bringing a great deal.of clarity to each of us, in different ways.

Bex was brilliant. She was very natural, warm and approachable and she made us all feel very relaxed and open to receive her words of wisdom.

Her insight is inspiring and she strips situations and emotions back to their roots which is exactly what we all needed to understand, and to know how to expand our thoughts,feelings and actions and move forwards with renewed energy and consciousness. Thank you Bex!"

DN - October 2017


"As a therapist myself I can't say enough fabulous things about Bex. I too am an aromatherapist, and went to Bex today so she could work her magic on my back, she has well and truly sorted me out. She also did a reading for me which was bloody spot on and the advice will be acted on. Thanks Bex, you are fab and wise beyond your years!!"

AJC - September 2017