Bex is a gifted, intuitive card reader. Using a variety of different spreads and cards, Bex is able to deliver messages of guidance which best supports people on their journey, by using this classic tool of divination.

Warmth, love and compassion are at the centre of each reading.  It can help by providing a map to creating improvement and growth in your life. The healing, the sharing, the listening, are all involved in the process. Bex often refers to tarot as a tool for manifestation, giving you an overview of your position, pointing your strengths and weaknesses, what needs more work, more love, current challenges, and then ultimately a map to achieve your goals and dreams. 

It opens a door for a deeper awareness, invites change, and firmly puts you back in the seat of your life and at the helm of your own powerful creative experience. 

Every effort is made to inspire....... 

Reading can be delivered by telephone/ Skype, with any notes being passed on by email. 


Readings are priced as £20 for 30 minutes or £40 for 60 minutes. 


Parties and group readings are also available for those in the local area.