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Whether your interested in having a treatment to gain peace and perspective, or attend one of our groups or workshops to further your own development, you will be supported throughout in your growth.



Does it matter if the ship is efficient, disciplined and practical if it doesn't know where it is going and has lost its heading? This question could be posed for organisations in both the private and public sectors and also of charities and educational establishments.

In the modern age of target lead performance, sometimes the immeasurable is disregarded. Within your establishment, Oliver + Bex can help you nurture well-being as a culture, as well as at the individual level. 



Sol Energies run a wide range of one-off events and workshops, alongside regular groups. From collective meditations, drop-in support groups, sound healing's and weekend and one day retreats, we run a full calendar to offer what you need to grow. Look out for details of collaborations where we unite with other therapists and professionals to offer chances to experience something really special.

This not only helps to nurture you in your development at large but also provides a supportive community of people relating to each other and learning from each other's shared experiences.

Light shared is always brighter!


Teaching / Coaching

"I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known" Sufi Proverb

Sol Energies hold the knowing that the greatest teacher for anyone, is and always will be themselves. The teaching and coaching provided seeks only to strip back the layers of understanding to reveal the knowing that already exists within you. 

This can take the form of joining one of our Reiki attunements workshops (events), where you will learn how to preform self healing and go onto to learn how to share that healing experience with others, or perhaps you seek development in your business affairs (treatments).

All aspects of our being and what we do in the world are a reflection of our inner state. Through our business coaching you will learn how to see and work with this reflection to live a happier life more in tune with your true ambitions. When we unite our worlds through harmony in ourselves (personal, family, professional etc...) we can allow lessons from each one to enrich the others, and ultimately create more time just to be and breathe!


Children / Young Adults

Increasingly over the last six months Sol Energies have provided more and more treatments and sessions for children. This is such rewarding work as energy well spent with a person at this young and tender age really has the chance to ripple and have a positive effect well into the child's future.

Often the parent or guardian comes to the session also. This is fantastic, as the adult also benefits too and can bond with their young person in sharing this experience. Often it can be said that the young people in our lives are shifting just as we adults are, and it's so beneficial when we can share this experience consciously.

Please see the "CHILDREN" section in the link below for a full description of what can be offered.

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By having a dual treatment, where both Bex and Oliver are present, you as a couple and in you partnership, can receive healing at the same time, side by side. This is a very powerful and healing experience, as you both receive healing on an individual level and in the way in which you choose to unite in your relationship.

All relationships serve as mirrors, but the one's we have we our intimate partners often provide us with the greatest school for learning on a soul level that this life can offer.

Please see the "About us" section to see how through their own personal journeys and together as partners, Bex and Oliver bring their own lessons of relating in union to this treatment and healing experience. You can find further details and testimonials of this treatment in the "Treatments" section.

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celebrations / parties

Keeping it fun and light is something also that Bex and Oliver hold very close to their Hearts!

If your planning an event, party or celebration, offering taster treatments, guided meditations, Tarot readings or providing some soul full music can be a fantastic way to offer something your guests and friends will remember and enjoy. 

In a social environment, were people are relaxed, it is a fantastic time to share with your friends and guests some of the things you love about what Sol Energies offers.

Please see the treatments list below for inspiration and contact directly for pricing.