Personalised meditation sessions with Oliver seek to create an environment where you can take your meditation practice to the next level. Through breath work, guided visulaisations and the use of music and sound if you wish, Oliver can teach methods which can be done alone at home.

If you have been unable to connect with group meditations or perhaps only seem to be getting so far with meditations you have found online, this person focused style of teaching meditation can help you really feel confident with your own connection to yourself and ability to meditate independently.

Suited to you and your journey, support is given after the session in the form of email communication and downloadable guided meditations to help you cement your lessons into a daily practice.

It is also possible to request a bespoke recorded meditation which you may which to use for healing, spiritual development, dealing with depression/anxiety etc. This would be done upon consultation and Oliver will ensure the meditation and recording is energetically matched to where you are on your journey.