Please take a look to see how we can best meet your needs :-)

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Whether your interested in having a treatment to gain peace and perspective, or attend one of our groups or workshops to further your own development, you will be supported throughout in your growth.



Does it matter if the ship is efficient, disciplined and practical if it doesn't know where it is going and has lost its heading? This question could be posed for organisations in both the private and public sectors and also of charities and educational establishments.

In the modern age of target lead performance, sometimes the immeasurable is disregarded. Within your establishment, Oliver + Bex can help you nurture well-being as a culture, as well as at the individual level. 



Sol Energies run a wide range of one-off events and workshops, alongside regular groups. This not only helps to nurture you in your development at large but also provides a supportive community of people relating to each other and learning from each other's shared experiences.

Light shared is always brighter!