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Sound Bath & Meditation - Exmouth

  • Gorfin Hall Claremont Lane Exmouth, EX8 2LE United Kingdom (map)

These evenings are for people of all levels of experience with meditation, including the absolute beginner 😊, and offers the chance to deeply relax to some very healing sounds and music.

So if your looking to zest up your energy, feel stuck currently in your life, looking to meet like minded people full of hope and encouragement, or are just curious....come and join us and see why this group just keeps growing and growing!

The first half will see us meditate together to calm our bodies, ground our energies and explore our emotions. 

The second half will see us get cosy and lie down (please bring a roll matt, cushion and blanket or a camping chair if you feel you would be uncomfortable laying down for the hour) and experience a deep sound bath to fully expand our energies to receive the healing we need, and release the energies we don't.

I play singing bowl, tuning forks, shamanic drum, gong, didgeridoo, other healing instruments and sing whatever song comes in.

The evening as a whole will leave you deeply rejuvenated and is a chance to connect with the other's in the community of Exmouth who are looking to feel joy and happiness in their lives!

A problem shared, is a problem halved, and by joining with each other during this healing session, you'll be able to see that others are experiencing similar shifts to yourself, and you will be held in the energy of a loving community, who are always compassionate and understanding.

You'll receive the inspiration, healing and the release that your mind, body and soul desire.

The cost of this session is £10 and you'll have access to all my online guided meditations and my personal support and guidance.

Wherever you are on your journey I welcome you, as do all our regulars, to come, to connect and to heal 😊