Sweedish - A classic Massage, which promises to be relaxing and calming. It is designed specifically to increase oxygen flow within the body and release toxins from the body. Perfect for after sporting activities, strenuous exercise or simply to relax and de-stress.

Deep Tissue - Soothing and warming effleurages with deep kneading, and stretching. A more focused massage which will help to free up restrictions in your muscles and joints, allowing you to feel  taller, looser and more comfortable in your body. If you really like to “feel” your massage, then this is the one for you.

Aromatherapy - The use of essential oils from plants for their therapeutic properties. With numerous health benefits, an aromatherapy massage is prescription to your needs and health requirements; be it depression, headaches, stress, muscle tension, hormone imbalances, skin disorders- to name but a few. An extremely soothing and gentle massage using a mixture of traditional techniques with eastern and neuromuscular influences.

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