Energy healing is simple. It is the role of Sol Energies to simply hold space and be the vessel from which healing is received by the client. In this way, it is actually you that performs the healing as you'll only ever receive what you welcome. What you receive, depends entirely on what you require that day to bring you back to just simply being yourself.

Bex and Oliver have given thousands of healings between them and each one has been different. They aim to demystify the whole process and remind themselves and their clients constantly, that it is simply a process of remembering.

Combining many traditions, Reiki healing, crystal therapy, shamanic and intuitive processes etc...Energy Healing treatments are profoundly peaceful and provide the opportunity for you to truly blossom back into your own authentic self. 

Whether it's deep transformation you require, or a treatment just to settle and take stock of where your life is, afterwards you'll be left feeling that you received exactly what you needed.

Please check our "Testimonials" page to read of how Bex and Oliver have helped re align people with their truth and self-love. Also please see our "About Us" section for details of Oliver and Bex and see who you resonate with for this treatment...or perhaps both!