EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a bit of a mouthful so Tapping is an easier name to call it.  EFT is known as Tapping all over the world, not just in mine!!

The youngest person I have worked with was 2 (my daughter) and the oldest was 87 and I have worked with most ages in between.

Children pick it up really easily and because they haven’t got years of baggage they can tap it away really quickly, we gets all sorts of help here as well from cuddly bears to tap on or by asking our superheros to help out too, I’ve even asked Sponge Bob Square Pants to help one little boy with his tapping.

Tapping works by tapping gently with your fingers on various acupressure points around the face and hands.  The acupressure points are the same ones that are used in acupuncture only no needles here.  But if you do have a fear of needles you can tap that away too 😊

In a session we sit opposite each other on chairs, normally with a cuppa or a glass of water and have a brief chat before we get straight into tapping away what is ready to go.  I will tap myself and talk and then you would just copy what I am doing and saying.  The first time you do it you feel a bit odd and your brain is trying to work out how can this work, but when you realise it does work, we’re away.

Many first timers start with a round of tapping “Even though this is really different and I feel a bit silly” it’s important you feel at ease before we start to tap, once that feeling has passed we are off.

Tapping and talking and chatting in amongst.  Tapping isn’t any sort of trance and I encourage clients to stop me if I’m using words that don’t fit for them, at the end of the day it has to be your words, not mine.

Tapping can be used on:

·         Fears

·         Phobias

·         Addictions

·         Physical pain

·         Emotional issues

·         Depression

·         General wellbeing

And is a great tool to learn to help you through life's adventures

Children sessions are normally an hour for the first session and 30 mins for follow up, although many of the parents that bring the children end up having a session too and when they get rid of their anxiety, for example, the children’s stuff goes too.  Make sure it’s definitely your child’s stuff and not yours they are picking up on, if in doubt come along and have a chat.  If your child has been to many specialists and doctors I am more than happy to meet in a park or on the beach to chat it through (no charge) some children’s systems shut down if they think they are going to be interrogated again by another strange grown up in a room they are not familiar with.

For adults, EFT sessions are an hour and half long to ensure that you get the most out of a session.  Following a session it is always good to make sure that you can have some quality blankie time, by that I mean that you can sit and relax and that you don’t have to do very much at all, our brains start to process EFT straight away so you start to feel differently during and after the session, as with any therapy like this, it is important to allow yourself processing time, sleep helps to do that but I always advise at least an hour of quality blankie time following EFT, that may be wrapped up on the beach listening to the waves or at home on the sofa watching some programme that you can switch off to, a bit of mind numb TV comes in useful here 😊  Be kind to yourself following a session.

A lot of people ask how many sessions will I need?  That is always difficult to tell.  I don’t recommend a series of sessions, just play it by ear and see how much your system can deal with at a time so you can deal with stuff at a pace that’s right for you.

I had a lady who dealt with her fear of flying in 2 x hour and a half sessions, turns out it was a fear of lifts and when we cracked that the fear of flying just disappeared.  A gentleman came to me for EFT to help with his depression, he had 6 x 2 hour sessions, a few months later he rang for another session and he now deals with his stuff himself, free of depression.  There are so many variables so the best thing to do is have a session and see how much your system wants to deal with, then it’s up to you if you want monthly, fortnightly or weekly sessions.  Depends on how many other self care things you are doing as you don’t want to overload your system so as much as you want to feel free of whatever it is, taking your time to do it fully and thoroughly will be so much easier and kinder to you.

Post session care:  Following each session you will be sent a short meditation from the wonderful Ollie that can help at home with your processing.