Wherever you are in your relationship, by having a couple's treatment with Sol Energies, you'll both be welcomed to witness and celebrate who you are in the presence of each other.

Bex and Ollie are both present in this treatment, facilitating energy healing for you both side by side.

Time spent non-verbally allowing energy patterns, behaviors and emotions to find their natural path back home within you, to support you at your best, allows you to honor the very best in your partner also.

The focus here of this treatment is on the individual. In that, the work Bex and Ollie do is to allow each person to feel and be very simply be their beautiful selves. By doing this, within the relationship, it allows the freedom of each individual to express and be themselves to flourish.

Love isn't meant to be complicated, and is at its most healthy in a relationship when it is given the space to simply be.

Come and make it simple again.