Children hold an energy and a way of being about them that we as adults can learn from. All of our practices centre around the focus of allowing you to simply be yourself. It is this ability of children to be themselves that has the capacity to shine as an example for us as elders, parents and communities.

However, when this process is interrupted and there are blocks in the way of free expression, children and young adults can sometimes register some of the most severe symptoms. And we as adults notice them because we are used to their happiness, which usually radiates from them.

Sol Energies work with children and teenagers is very dear to the heart and intent of all they do. If you are a parent, caregiver or work in a setting with children with which you think would benefit from some children specific therapies/workshops/meditation please see the Treatment List below and our Testimonials page for details of previous successes.

Don't hesitate to contact us and share your ideas about what we could create together.

We also highly recommend full adult/parent participation. This means you are both showing each other that you want to learn and our happy to share that space together, and allows you as an adult to benefit from the session whilst setting a brilliant example for the young people in your care.