💡You might have heard an old adage

💡You might have heard an old adage

"You teach people how to treat you"

In fact Oprah has recently covered this, and there are numerous articles on the internet covering this.....

For a long time, I guess I believed this to be true, however more recently I have done a complete u turn on this statement.

What if I told you

People teach you, how to treat you?

That's right, you heard me....

People teach you, how to treat you!

So for example- if we've said to ourselves, I'm a giver.... everyone takes from me..... etc
Or there is alot of dishonest people out there.... I shouldn't be so open with my trust....and so on...

You've just affirmed this idea you have of yourself to the universe, so guess what, that's Guna be brought in so you can experience it and learn from it.

Well In this statement- what would we be learning? 
Perhaps simply, that give and take has to be brought into balance, or maybe your expecting people to give something to you, that you aren't willing to give yourself?

(The last one is a biggy)

Making sense?!

When we recognise this is to show us how we can grow, learn and experience OURSELVES through our relationships with another, our focus and shift quickly turns inwards, and most importantly the realisation of our creation and experience is solely our responsibility.

So next time someone treats your poorly? Or not how you would have liked?

Perhaps look within you and ask yourself what is this experience is trying to show you about how or what you feel about yourself?

The change and choice as always, lies with you my friend

Bex x

Oliver JenkinSol Energies