What is Reiki healing 🤔

Today I'm going for a treatment!

A healer going for a treatment I hear you say...but why is that 🙄

Well, it's actually with the lady who taught me Reiki some six years ago now.

Now, I've got this thing right...you might be familiar with it?

That little voice in your ear that tells you that your not good enough, that you won't make it, that you should quit!

Don't know about you but mine seems to get louder the closer I'm getting to realising all my hearts dreams ❤️

You break through a little bit, then you sink back in.

A glimmer of light, then back firmly into the darkness.

How on earth do we get past that final hurdle and jump free into that beautiful release that we all dream of?

Well...one thing I've learnt is that there are many hurdles in life, but if you just focus on the one immediately in front of you, you've got a much better chance of making it.

Last night...I became aware of my hurdle for now.

So here I am...sat with a wonderful gift to share with the world, and I'm doubting myself....AGAIN 🤦‍♂️

And I think...isn't that what I do during treatments and meditation sessions and with my children....ask my heart to see that beautiful version of the person in front of me.

To see them jumping their hurdles with belief and love, so that they might to believe it and do it for themselves?

The answer is yes yes yes 🦋

Was I able to do that for myself last night....ummm probably not!!

So...a reiki treatment, a taste of my own medicine, some time for me, seemed like just the ticket.

Reiki isn't magic. Especially when life is just about as magic as it gets anyway 🌟

Reiki is simple.

Ask to be healed and you shall be.

Ask to release and you will.

Ask to be shown what needs to happen so you can be yourself and realise all your hearts desires...

...and you will be shown!

No healer can do that for you, but they can certainly be the gentle hand in yours as they walk you through the garden of your own imagination.

They'll let you know how good the flowers smell, so that you might have the bravery to breathe them in deeply.

This morning I made a choice.

Today is the day I face myself.

Today is the day I release the fear I have of my own beauty.

Today is the day I jump that hurdle.

So that I might be there honestly for myself, and honestly for you.

To be the hand in yours, and to guide you when you choose to be free.



P.S. One thing about reiki is that men seem to be less likely to go for a treatment.

If you have a man in your life, or connect with this as a man, please let me know how I can help.

We are sensitive creatures under this hairy skin lol and given half the chance to release our fears, we'll amaze you with our capacity for love!

If men believed in their own beauty without the need to prove it or be recognised well it would be so much easier for them and the people in their lives...myself and my loved ones included!!!

Self belief is the beginning of the journey into greatness.

And greatness is no more complicated than just being yourself.


Just be yourself dude 🐺

Oliver JenkinSol Energies