Unlocking the door to Emotional Freedom

During my time of helping people using EFT, I have helped many people with a wide range of fears including; fear of buttons; fear of water; fear of the dentist; fear of lifts; fear of flying; fear of stopping smoking; fears of all sorts of things. 

One of the top ten fears across all walks of life is the fear of public speaking, recently ranked higher than a fear of dying.  That is incredible to think that people would rather die than speak in public.

Speaking in public is not just about standing in front of a large audience, there are many of forms of public speaking.  Think about the Father who can’t speak at his daughters’ wedding due to his fear, and other social events where families get together.  Getting up in front of people, even those that you hold nearest and dearest can sometimes be a major challenge and for some can stop them doing things in life that can take them forward and help their own health and well-being.

Some of my most privileged sessions of EFT have been with people, of all ages, who through life events have found that they have turned to drink or drugs.  Having a fear of public speaking can stop many from attending crucial support groups that can help them on their way to being supported through difficult times in their life.  Releasing the fear and feeling an ability to attend a support group is an enormous step for anyone in this situation.  They didn’t need to be in a position to stand up in front in of 100’s of people and give a speech they just needed to feel happy in their own skin that they could sit in front of a group of strangers and possibly say their name, nothing more. To sit and feel that they were important enough and worthy enough to be there, to share their story if they wanted and if not then to sit, be quiet, listen and observe.

The messages I got after they had attended their first support group was overwhelmingly positive!

Emotional Freedom Technique helped them find their inner courage so they could take that first step.

Happy days 😊