Tarot Thursday Reveal

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Well...they are indeed cards of hope just like I promised!!

Some weeks we slog, and some weeks we shine. Balance, balance, balance is the word that's being whispered into my ear!

Taking what I mentioned this morning, please look at your card today as a message of hope and inspiration to help you unite all the little niggly lessons of late into some powerful "nothing can stop me" gusto!

And with regards to some of the stuff you have been processing and dealing with....sometimes we don't have to work it....sometimes we can just say "no thanks" and chuck it straight in the bin!

The cards...read the one you choose of course but also consider the reading as a whole today :-)

Card 1 - Nine of Cups

Nines are completion cards...the last step before the ten and the rewards of this finish. Cups are all about emotions. Look at the man in the picture...he is HAPPY! He has worked hard, he has been considerate, balanced and has looked after himself in all of that to bring himself to a place of contentment. What now to do with that inner peace and contentment that has been birthed out of hardship and a paced consistency...blooming well share it with the one's you LOVE! This card is a wish and a promise, take what you have learned and the abundance of good vibes you are in and "make hay whilst the sun shines", reach out to the ones you love and the world around you this week and revel in a banquet of happiness together.

Card 2 - The Magician

Look at this cheeky chappy! The magician is a powerful card, both a timely reminder and some much needed encouragement. Again the Magician reminds us to be conscious in our power to create. In the picture he is surrounded by the "tools" of the tarot deck, the swords, the wands, the cups and the pentacles. Very much a blend of the practical architect and the playful dreamer. A card that reminds us this week to not take life to seriously but also that life is not a "game". It's a tough mix this sometimes, as we want to play but sometimes get lost in our own "mental games". This card is to remind you to keep some perspective, check in with your inner world and ask this simple question about what you want and what you are creating...."Does this best represent who I am?" Keep it light....and know, don't question, that you are POWERFUL beyond measure!

Card 3 - The Star

Hang on in there you beauties. Even in the picture, the star is in the darker half and her light shines out for us all to see. Being guided to say this..."when you are at your lowest ebb...do not fret, do not feel lost. Come inward and remember how it feels in your body to feel free, to feel light and to feel hope. Breathe life into that vision of happiness within yourself, and allow yourself to feel on your most sensual level." The star this week is to help you trust and guide you. There is a whole ocean of emotion in you that sometimes gets dammed up and walled off. Take this card as nod to trust, to take the plunge, and blow up that dam for GOOD and let it's water rush and gush in your darkest corners and bring the life to your inner garden that has been thirsty for too long. Everything will be ok....if you just go with the FLOW!

Wow....really enojyed Tarot Thursday this weeks guys....Hope you did too!

Much Love to you all,

and keep being YOU

Ollie x