Tarot Thursday Reveal 27/09/208

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Magic Magic Magic

Now this morning I purposefully didn’t write about all the things you’ve been clearing this week, as I know that it’s been a tough one!

The reason I kept it quite simple this morning is because I wanted to allow you all the chance to DREAM!

You see…all this manifestation stuff is as easy as we make it! There is no complicated ritual required, no test to pass before your eligible for happiness and no mountain to climb or need to be “pure” before all of this slots into place for you and your life.

The world is MAGIC whether we accept it or not and our reality is formed from our belief system regardless of what on the surface we convince ourselves to be.

My main ambition with Tarot Thursday is that it helps you see the possibility for change in yourself and therefore helps you create a better more loving world for you and your loved ones.

The cards themselves, and the card you choose, are always a reflection of what your being guided to look at at and welcome in to grow into your own beauty.

When we choose to align with a higher vibration than we are currently at eg…

being in a job we don’t like vs having the faith to follow our truth and DESIRE


being in a relationship which has grown stale vs wanting to leave the relationship or re-invigorate it to a more loving union


being stuck in emotional trauma that seems so deep and encompassing that you want to cry everyday vs wanting to feel empowered by your experiences and able to make new choices from a place of love and possibility.

In all of these instances…something has got to give.

This is why we clear out all the old stuff we have to! Because we have made a choice to experience a more abundant, happy and loving life and viewpoint of ourselves, and that old stuff has just got to go!

This is why I didn’t focus on what your clearing this week…because I want to let you know your doing great :-) that the reasons your “feeling it “ right now….are because you feel safe and ready to let it go now…

It’s time to wield your magic and


Card 1 - The Star

This card is a beacon of hope in the dark storm. When we feel at our lowest, it’s all about asking for help. So here is the thing…this world is, on a fundamental level, made of love. We’re not having to work to create love in our world, we are having to work and consciously remove blocks to love that stop us seeing that. We are not doing this and that (eating better, meditating, gratitude journals or any other self -care practice) to make ourselves better people….we are doing this things to subtract and take away the rubbish and dis empowering beliefs that keep us limited. In this instance and for you today with this card, the STAR is within! No matter how dark it might seem as you trudge down old painful roads that hold memories deep down within…search, ask and believe in that light in YOU - and realise that you are all good…a loving, kind, caring soul - and that there is nothing wrong with you whatsoever - quite the opposite - your beautiful! Don’t get lost in the details, simply ask the universe to see the STAR within you, and remind you of the power that is your magic!

Card 2 - Ace of Cups

For a lot of us, family, relationships and connection are way up there on our priority list. Haha and aren’t they just the trickiest of things - we think we have it cracked and then something pops in out of the blue to rock the boat! The ace is the initial bolt of energy, inspiration and birth that fuels change leading to unity. Cups concern emotions. What is a cup but a vessel/container? Here it is for you - if this was your card today….be that vessel and contain the possibility for the unity and connection you want to see. All it needs is for the seed to be planted and the dream to be initially dreamt and the rest takes care of itself (as long as we keep our eyes open!). As much a promise and a practical instruction - this card is here to show you that to experience the depth of love you so crave - you have to be brave enough to contain and feel that love within your bones first and foremost! Breathe it in :-) cos’ it feels so GOOD!

Card 3 - The Magician

In the picture the Magician is pictured with all the elements of the tarot - the wands, the swords, the cups and the coins. He is able to melt and meld all these different elements to create a life for himself that will serve his growth. What seems important to mention today is his cheeky little smile of knowing and innocence. Can a child paint, draw, sing if it doesn’t feel safe….I don’t think so! Same is true for us adults you know too! As you have pulled yourself out of draining situations over the last couple of years, it’s been in a bid to feel more grounded in yourself so you can pick up that paintbrush of creation again. One of the tricky parts though is not become too cautious, too hard of heart and to remember your innocence and smile as you create for the sake of creation, trying not to judge yourself or “poo poo” what you’ve crafted before it’s had chance to grow. This raw energy of creation is also directly linked to the sexual power and energy that exists deep down within us all (what I mentioned last week), and in the same sense as the magician, it helps if we can learn to experience pleasure and sensation for ourselves FIRST before we take that to create with another. NEVER DOUBT YOUR OWN MAGIC!!!

Many thanks you lovely lovely people, Tarot Thursday is ROCKING :-)

Ollie x