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Desire Desire Desire

It’s something I personally used to struggle with.

I heard a good analogy for this the other day of how repression begins from such an early age.

Toddlers like to monkey around now don’t they? When a toddler is playing with something important, say jangling your house keys having taken them out into the garden an adult might suddenly shout or say “NO!”.

How is the toddler to interpret this? Their urge or desire to jangle the keys in the first instance was born out of an innocence to just experience the physical sensation, and pleasure :-), of the sounds, the shinyness of the keys….or any other reason a toddler does what it does!!!

The point here is that it is the richness of pleasure and physical sensation that is the natural impulsive drive to experience this world first hand and get involved with LIFE itself!

However….then we have the balance of being an adult! There has to be a balance right? For example, using the toddler again, what about traffic….the toddler wants to run but we can’t let them cross the road until it’s safe right?

This is where it can start to get a little confusing as adults….are we denying our impulses because we genuinely understand that we want to be safe or are we acting out of old programming and remembering the distant memories of someone shouting “NO!” when we just want to have fun?

Let me give you a more adult example…you want to quite your job and retrain because you feel you’ll be happier in a new role. But then that voice kicks in doesn’t it….”I can’t do that because of money” “I need to be responsible to my commitments” “I should be grateful for what I’ve got as some people have it much worse”.

Let me tell you’ve what I’ve learnt…..that love is infinite, your true happiness can never take away from anothers and that universe will support you at every turn to be bold and beautiful in your truth.

The obstacles we perceive in our minds are born out of rubbish we have accumulated along the way. That’s not to say they are not our responsibility and that we didn’t consent to them on some level, but just as easily as we took them on….we can cast them off again!

Your a big boy/girl now….you know not to run into traffic (metaphorical or otherwise!), so let the cards today give you some empowerment to follow your hearts desire….

Because if you follow those DESIRES…

You will be set FREE!

Pretty cool huh!?!?

Card 1 - Ten of Coins

Today, if this is your card, the Ten of Coins is a promise and a revelation of a dream followed through to fulfillment. In Tarot, the first card of each suit is the Ace which represents the raw energy of that suit, in this case Coins. Coins relate to material wealth, earthly stability and abundance. Ten’s in each suit are the completion of that energy. Given this weeks theme of desire - this card is a real “follow your dreams” heads up from the universe. Time is such a mind bender! We might think that it’s all about chipping away at the grindstone each day, and of course to a large part it is, but what carries us through (helping make those groundhog days worthwhile) is the gentle inspiration of the dream or vision that runs behind the scenes throughout. If you have a desire to change how you support your material world, take this as a nod that everything will be ok - and if your enjoying the fruits of having that faith - GO YOU!!!

Card 2 - Strength

In the picture a women sits atop a a Lion, a beam of light coming from the Lion’s eyes and vision. Having tamed the more destructive and base aspects of the Lion’s passion, or her own desires, she is able to enjoy the inner strength of her own Lion with a calm and quiet confidence, able to draw upon that strength and the pleasure and creation it can bring in a healthy and nurturing way. This is much like the traffic analogy from before. I get intuitively that this relates to sexuality this week. When is sex at it’s most pleasurable and healing…..when you feel safe and secure in your own skin so you can explore/receive/give all that sexual union has to offer. Don’t ever shy away from your own sexual power :-) as this card this week is asking you not to fear, but to reach out and heal, whether it be with another of just for yourself! It’s not a force of shame/guilt/repression but actually one the most liberating and healing experiences this life as a human being has to offer!

Card 3 - The Emperor

How is the world built around us? Sometimes when I’m driving and the world is rushing past me, I am overwhelmed with wonder as to how any of the stuff that needs to get done on a daily basis even happens! Roads, shops and infrastructure etc…that keep our world functioning all seemingly go on to maintain the way of life we have. In our own personal lives, the Emperor represents this unseen forces of logic and practicality that allow our dreams to move from our heart and be evidenced in the physical world we live in. The card before this in the Tarot is the Empress, the quintessential Mother. From the nurturing and life giving energy of the Mother comes next the practical and worldly energy of the Father. This card for you today is a reminder that if you have been nurturing an idea, and impulse or a desire for a new direction/bigger-bolder things, then it’s time (with confidence) to stand like the figure in the picture with strength and purpose and commit yourself to creating your new vision for REAL and in SOLID form.

As always, lots of love to you all and let me know how you get on.

Ollie x