Tarot Thursday Reveal 13/09/2018

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Clarity Clarity Clarity

How would you define a decision? How does the knowing that a certain direction is the right one for you ? How do we know which path to take?

Is it with certainty or trepidation that you place that first foot forward into the unknown?

When it comes to our own happiness, we can be the biggest inhibitors of the blossoming of our dreams.

Meditation can be very helpful to gain some clarity as to what our heart truly desires, and a great guide or compass for discovering how our bodies feel about the change/direction/life choice we are contemplating.

And this brings me back to my original question…how would you define a decision?

I guess my point is…it doesn’t really matter how you define it - just that, when you’ve made it, you had better well believe it! Something in your mind/your heart/your bones clicks and then all of a sudden your fully geared to choosing that path! How does that happen I wonder?

We are most aligned with our truth when we can believe and resonate with a decision or direction on every level of our being. That’s why I mentioned the body earlier….you know that old phrase “does it sit well with you?”…..well ask your body right now and let the cards show you how your decisions of late sit within you!

And if you find they don’t sit well….

You can always just CHOOSE again :-)

Card 1 - Two of Wands

Seize the moment! Looking at the picture you can see that the objects in the hand are being held safely for now…but how long will that last? This card reminds us that “90% of life is showing up” and hesitation doesn’t often come with reward or progress. I avoided for years making lists of things I needed to get done/organise etc…I am full of ideas and energy yet sometimes struggle with knowing where to start. It is the similar energy of this card that has taught me that you best make a commitment and move forward…or the world might just leave you standing still! It’s an act of self love to move forward at this point in journey with the choice that makes you feel light and free.

Card 2 - Five of Cups

Sometimes we lament change and get lost in the regret of what was. Much like a snake shredding it’s skin, it happens because we are growing. Imagine it like this, when what we want or what we desire, is of a higher vibration than where we are currently floating up there somewhere up in the clouds…how are we to fly up and reach it?? By letting go of the things that are weighing us down! However in letting go of some of those things there comes a grieving process. My advice to you would be to feel the full depth of these emotions, this process shouldn’t be shortcuted and take time to assimilate all this change so you can walk forward lightly.

Card 3 - Three of Swords

Like a sharp bolt out of the blue the theme this card represents is a swift, sharp revealing of the truth. It is usually met with a sense of relief, as what is left behind is a much simpler way of operating. How well you adapt to this depends on how clearly you are able to see this as a new opportunity rather than a restriction. This card can also coincide with a personal attack, which can feel quite distressing in the moment. Take a deep breath here, as it will only refine your awareness of what you want in your life by knowing and understanding what you DON’T!

I hope the cards gave you some perspective as to the choices your facing today folks, and where to focus your awesome power :-)

Ollie x