Tarot Thursday Reveal - 06/12/2018


🧚‍♂️ Tarot Thursday 🧚‍♀️

Welcome back lovely people 

Looking at this weeks cards I think it’s worth giving all three a read because there may be some messages in more than just the card you picked but of course still pay special attention to that particular one too ...

There is a strong message in the cards this week around making sure you have filled your own cup first before filling anyone else’s cup and especially at this busy time of year. It’s okay to treat yourself lovely people and it will do you the world of good too  So go on have that Christmas tipple, raid the Christmas treats and pop a film or two on and cosy up for the evening  It’s more than okay to have a chill out! PS it’s also okay to say NO if you really aren’t feeling the love for something!

You also don’t have to spread yourself thin trying to make everyone around you have the BEST ever Christmas. People really do appreciate the smallest efforts others make to bring them happiness. The tree doesn’t have to be perfect, the dinner restaurant quality or the gifts expensive. Don’t forget in all your efforts to create a winter wonderland the most precious gift you can give to anyone this time of year is simply the gift of your time 

Of all the festivals celebrated around the world and when we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries the common ground between most is the sitting down to share a meal and a drink with family and/or friends and to give thanks for these people in our lives  I think this is what Christmas and indeed what life is all about  Keep it simple folks ... it’s all about the love.

Here are the cards!

Card One - Four of Swords

This card is urging you to relax a little! Has life been busy recently? Especially now with the festive session in full swing? Maybe you are feeling a little tired and not quite firing on all cylinders? The message of this card is to SLOW DOWN. Take some much needed me time. It could just be an evening at home that’s needed and a long hot bath with some chilled music on in the background. When we become worn out we can start to pick up the various illnesses that seem to be around at this time of year such as colds and tummy bugs. Prevention is better than cure so get that fruit and veg into you and get enough sleep! Make sure you have your essential oils first aid kit stocked up at home for what might come along and maybe make up a bag of crystals to ward off fatigue and help to keep you relaxed. Do you have any family or friends that look like they might be struggling? If you feel able to maybe reach out and give them a helping hand?

Middle Card - The Magician

Okay so I’m going to go with the literal meaning of this card for this readings context and take a few intuitive liberties! As Ollie has said to me a few times sometimes the cards can have a bit of fun with us sometimes ... always with a loving message though! When I saw this card I was reminded of my mum who to me is like some sort of Christmas magician who pulls out all the stops to make Christmas AMAZING and she does this every year. She without fail, literally pulls the rabbit out of the hat. Weeks of planning is involved in conjuring up the perfect Christmas, the dinner and the table planned and executed to perfection and the time taken to buy thoughtful gifts for everyone. Mum enjoys this role but that’s not to say it isn’t a lot of work! Are you the person in the family who is the organiser of Christmas for everyone? Do you want to be?! Do you need any help?! Can you think of the person in your family that fulfils this role year in year out or is it shared around. Are you the parent running around trying to find the gift that’s sold out everywhere? The grandson trying to move mountains to get to see family around work? Do you feel you need magical powers to achieve all that is expected of you. Do you place this unrealistic expectation on yourself? Just remember that things don’t have to be perfect or complicated and in actual fact some of he best laugh out loud memories made are when things have gone a bit wrong sometimes! Also try to remember to only do what you are able to do! It’s okay! Ask for help. Give help. Don’t run yourself into the ground trying to achieve the impossible. But most importantly say a huge thank you to all the Christmas wizards you know in your life for all their efforts to make it a truly magical time of year for you.

Card Three - Ten of Cups

A very beautiful card for today which is about family. I think this is here to remind us that when you strip back Christmas to what it is at it’s heart it’s not about a lot of the things we rush around this time of year trying to achieve for our loved ones it’s simply about showing our gratitude for the love and abundance in our life’s and to give our thanks for all the wonderful people that we are so so lucky to have in our lives too. We don’t have to have the best decorated home to do this, the most amazing food and drink offerings or extravagant presents. I think all people need sometimes is you, your time, a hug and a thank you for how special you are to them all year round. If you write cards to people at this time of year maybe take an extra moment to write in a sentence about what the person receiving this card means to you ... it will certainly bring them a smile.

Thank you so much again everyone for your support and I will hopefully see you again soon! 

Have an amazing evening folks and love, light and blessings to you all 

Kate 🧚‍♂️