Tarot Thursday Reveal 30th August 2018


Release Release Release

From old stories, and saying goodbye to old comforts like a parting from a movie at a train station.

It's not with grief or regret that we let these things go, but with a safe somber smile and a knowing that the great unknown is where we must return.

The nature of this all, life that is, is like a waking dream. I've had it said to me many times this week by spirit that we are the sum total of our most prevailing thought.

This gets a little lost as we say from one person to another, feelings that we are being judged start to bubble in our chest with no escape. Why is this? Because we know the truth...that the person who judges us the most is ourselves. And it is this pattern and habit that WE must find release from.

A healthy dose of self forgiveness and honesty is required this week in keeping with the clearing of that feminine line that has been a struggle for us all.

Your right...your weren't listened to, your needs weren't met and you sure as hell were treated badly. Great. But bluntly...what you going to do about it now?

You don't have to rehash and self question till late in the night or sit on a therapists couch and work things out logically......perhaps it's just time to say it loud and then put some positive scaffolding in place this week to actually HELP yourself.

The universe is listening....and as always it's ears are most pricked to the sound of the call from those who welcome help.

Let your card day inspire you to ask for help......goodness knows we need it sometimes!

And remember...the reason that we receive is because we are loved...so don't you forget it!

I believe in you :-)

Ollie x

Card 1 - Five of Coins

What is EGO? And how does it limit our ability to receive and be in the flow of joy and abundance. This card is about accepting help. Help however doesn't always come labelled in a way that we might recognise. So where does our ego come into this and how do we limit the way that love comes in. Again...we don't necessarily have to understand what's going on here, more of a subtle surrender to just greeting the world with a smile and perhaps a slice of good old "humble pie". Why stand in the cold when you are being welcomed into the warm? If you've had an offer of help this week from an unusual source....seize it!

Card 2 - Six of Sowrds

Resolution, respite and reprieve. No need anymore to feel that your current situation is as a result of punishment for who you are. The mental plane of us all has had an epic push and pull of late, and the energy of the eclipses and the shifts globally filter down to little old us too you know!?!? The question is...how many of your thoughts are wrapped in projecting worse case scenarios? It's time now to let the worry go. With recovery from trauma, anxiety, abuse etc....it gets to a point where your almost 95% complete, and you kinda feeling like you again. The final 5% is deciding now what you want to grow into and holding the belief true in you of a bright and brilliant future. You are at 95% :-) so seek those signs of the future!

Card 3 - Six of Cups

I LOVE this card! The innocence and connection that was the spark of a friendship, the light and lightness behind the drama. Reconciliation and forgiveness are funny old things....it can be done in person or simply by a change in our thoughts! The war that exists between right and wrong only exists as we seek to maintain it, the longer we do, the further apart these two things become. This card i s a reminder to you today to take your foot off the gas a little, take a step back and with innocence and play in min,d try and see the common thread between two opposites and the shared reality that is waiting to be born in their union. This might be in your relationship with another, as time softens old hurts and you see how that situation was so important for your growth, or the way you reconcile with yourself and let some of that blame inside go.

Go easy on yourself ladies (and you guys who are in touch with your feminine) and FEEL FEEL FEEL....your safe now ;-)

Love you Lots,