Tarot Thursday Reveal 25/10/2018

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Refinement Refinement Refinement

As I mentioned earlier this morning there is a healthy dose of honesty to be had this week from the cards with regards to all things happiness,

The practical side seems to be neglected sometimes as we set out and search for the dreams and lives we want.

Now…this isn’t to say that it isn’t very much about the magic of belief, it very much is :) - it’s just that now and then, a healthy bit of mental house keeping doesn’t go a miss at all!

We may be focusing each day, tiring ourselves at the grind stone with little fulfillment to actually show for it. Why is this?

Usually, it’s that in one way or another we are still edging our bets. That’s where this weeks honesty comes in to help you unearth what is niggling away at the back of your heart or mind that is preventing you from going full throttle and feeling a little bit more united within yourself and your vision.

The universe doesn’t really like indecision - how can things/opportunities/releases present themselves if we have no direction, and we don’t know what we are asking for?

Someone put it like this to me recently that DISCIPLINE = FREEDOM! Now if the word discipline scares you (as it did me!) don’t fret!

This can be taken much more lightly when approached with a smile and a knowing that all it really means is giving your energy to things that you actually want in your life.

Seeking experiences/people/situations that leave you feeling enriched and not to beat yourself up when you make a decision that isn’t best fitting with your happiness.

As for the cards…let the one you chose today reveal to you how subtle shifts in your thinking can really help unlock the power in you to GET the life you WANT!

Card 1 - Two of Wands

This sentence is from the guide book for the deck which I rarely use here, but it’s very relevant “it is true you become the choices you make, but first you must make the choice”. We can read the self help books, go to the retreat, make a vision board but nothing is going to happen until you get up and DO IT!!! Trust me when I say that the worst decision you can make is always to make no decision at all. What’s the most dangerous thing on the road…..a ditherer! And the same is true in your own life and happiness. Sometimes we can be a bit snobby about the opportunities that present themselves, its not quite perfect/not the right time/not good enough etc….and we can really miss the point in this. For you today, it’s time to start trusting that your on the right path, because, YOU are the path silly :) “follow the breadcrumbs” is the message here, you don’t have to know the whole picture you just need to get up, get on and get PLAYING!

Card 2 - Seven of Coins

Many a time I have thrown my toys out the pram complaining that what I want to manifest/happen/experience/release isn’t happening fast enough! This is especially true of the melancholy we can all feel as we look out upon a world that is sometimes cruel and harsh, part of us feeling “why can’t the world be more kind and share my values”! In the card the farmer collects his harvest, not in ecstasy, but in a quiet solid knowing that there is much work and patience still to be had. A card of quiet faith and dedication it is here to remind you of how far you have come, to breathe in and breathe out and remember when what stands around you now was but a seed just being sown. The honesty in this card for you today is to stop the inner complaining and negativity to yourself. Not because you shouldn’t do it, everyone does it, but to accept your frustration as natural part of life - you are not a monk! The farmer wouldn’t get up each day and face the elements if they hated their job, but that doesn’t mean they have to convince themselves they love the rain either! So make a choice, when times are tough, to take the pressure of yourself - let out a little giggle and enjoy what your doing just for the sake of doing it - not because you have to be an expert and on top of everything 1000% of the time, your allowed to make mistakes you know - but because the magic happens when you stick at it and your looking the other way letting it happen all on it’s own :)

Card 3 - Queen of Swords

Sometimes you may look back upon your life with a real sense of “WTF!?”. Joy and sorrow in equal measure, pebbled across your past in seemingly random splashes and blobs. Who stands at the end of the journey, wiser, cooler and calmer because of it all…YOU! The honesty from this card for you today is to realise that actually your a bit of a BOSS :) having been through so much “LIFE” you do indeed know a thing or two about a thing or two. Now the self acceptance of your immense knowledge and life wisdom is complete - here is the second part…clean up the BULLSH*T! This queen doesn’t come lightly, and the time for you coming lightly is over now too. You KNOW what you need to do, what isn’t working, who’s taking from you unfairly etc…so it’s time for a bit of a cull., It’s not as brutal as it sounds, but actually a very loving act as it’s a bit like clearing the brambles, allowing the light down to the young shoots and kick starting new growth! Feel the sword in your hand and wield it with a cutting pin point accuracy, even if it's at yourself and your own habits. Take no prisoners - and put the kettle on afterwards!