Tarot Thursday Reveal 23rd August 2018

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I don't think I can recall a week where it has all been one suit! This week the swords are out in full force. Swords are concerned with communication, logic, planning and the mental plane.

The mental plane is an interesting one, a place in equal measure of creation and destruction. All things that happen in the world start as a thought somewhere, and it's a bit like a garden....which thoughts are we going to nurture and let flourish and which thoughts are we going to weed out.

My best advice for this would be to ask yourself this question when something pops up in your head..."Does this thought/feeling.reaction best represent who I am?". If the answer is no, breathe and just try your best to choose again. 

We can go through so much healing, so much introspection, develop huge amounts of emotional understanding but the fact remains and the practicality screams out at us that as much as all those things are helpful the only thing that is going to change the way you think is YOU choosing to do so.

As always....don't get to lost in it...PLAY with it. When you start to see it as fun, discovering how your thoughts create your experience in and of this world, that's when some of the expectation and burden is released and we can accept that we are only human after all...for now anyways :-)

The Cards....

Card 1 - Four of Swords

This is often called the Meditation card. Again the practicality that swords deals with is shown in this card. Sometimes, when your banging your head against the wall with endless possibilities and outcomes of a situation the only thing to do to gain a little respite is to just quiet the old thinking box and submit. If you haven't started meditating yet...please do so spirit say! Everyone has their own way...exercise, gardening, walks on the beach etc....to get some rest from their own thinking BUT....meditating is the bees knees....Trust me! Thing is....when energy moves through us we get confused/ill/tired when we try to control that flow and everything becomes a little muddled, like the brain fog we all experience sometimes. So if this was your card today it's a call to arms....learn how to quiet your mind and you will see huge benefit in your life as you can firstly give yourself the rest you need and secondly put more of that saved energy into creating what you want!

Card 2 - Five of Swords

In the picture, a man stands higher than his opponents...but at what cost!? This is a card that reminds us to keep the "long game" in view. If we consider the theme of this week being all about the mind and mental plane...have you been getting a little lost in the micro battles/conflicts and loosing sight of what the base reason for you setting out on this new venture was in the first place? Being "right" can be very isolating indeed, especially when we rub it in the faces of those we are opposing. This card preaches humility, to others and to the self. We are our own best judge right? So focus this week on knowing and feeling confident in your choices and intent before looking to be judged or ask what anybody else thinks...your the one that has to live with your decisions after all!!!

Card 3 - Nine of Swords

This is a right beasty of a card! Know those long drawn out sleepless nights of worry and concern gone haywire, that is what this card represents. However, I'm getting that it's more of a gentle reminder this week given the theme of swords across the board. It highlights the choice see, that we have all been there in the depths of despair but somehow we are becoming more aware...catching ourselves before we sink into it. I'm being guided to say that this card today is to remind you of where you have been and what you have conquered before. Your limits to handle the ever flowering symphony of your emotions are expanding daily and understanding your inner world is what will set you free. Time spent in worry before was you working out and seeing the shadow in you that you needed to see...trust your emotions now....as they are setting you FREE!

Wowsers....powerful stuff today. Keept it LIGHT this week as best you can folks :-)

Love you lots,

Ollie x