Tarot Thursday Reveal 20/12/2018

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Wow, I know sometimes I say to read all the cards as they will all be relevant for you - but today it is a MUST!

I believe spirit have provided us with a nice little blue-print for enjoyment this Christmas!

Because as much as we might labor over the dinner, work all year to afford all the crap at Christmas anyway, drive 200 miles to see loved one’s……..how hard do we work at practicing the art of ENJOYMENT!?!?

The cards today remind us all that beauty exists in each and every moment, regardless of whether we see it or not…..which is why it’s such a shame when we miss it!

Card 1 - Temperance

Most definitely one of my favourtie cards, and I always find it especially kind in it’s guidance with family matters! In the picture the man sits perched on the rocks that are submerged in a flowing river. Somehow he holds the essence of that flow in his hands…like he’s captured all the movement and energy of the flowing waters. Zoom out this Christmas, from the drama, from the “he said/she said” and start to appreciate the people around you for WHO they are NOT who you THINK they should be. This same concept should be applied to yourselves in large healthy doses also!!! When your in the river, sometimes you can get battered a bit on the rocks, tossed and turned by the tides of a yabbering mind. Come to shore a little, and promise yourself (really do it right now!) that at least once this Christmas - you’ll look around where you are sat and just soak it in, like watching a film or looking at a painting, let it come to you-don’t judge-and enjoy!

Card 2 - Nine of Cups

Look at this happy chappy in the picture, proper happy he is!!! The saying “you can’t make a cup of tea from an empty pot” comes to full completion and release in this card.They say fill not from your cup, but from your saucer, your cup should be full & spilling out, and it’s the over spill from which you should serve the world with. Cups are all about emotions, and when we are complete in our emotional selves we don’t look for others to support us, and how THEY act doesn’t dictate how WE feel. This is where real community amongst people can flourish, games around the fire, collaborations in the kitchen, everyone pulling their cracker at the same time (not a euphemism lol). The man in the picture can share and receive honestly, and given the lessons we’ve all had to look at this year around personal boundaries - it’s a good job this YULE promises to be one where we can actually run up to the people we love and just hug them for the amazingness that is them!

Card 3 - King of Coins

So where does this zooming out, non judgement and being full in ourselves to lovingly meet another lead us? The king of coins is the BOSS energy of all things materially embodied. ABUNDANCE :-) the lack mentality that so many of us enter into at Christmas time can be real draining, not enough money, not enough food, not enough time etc….I know personally alot of the people who do Tarot Thursday and have seen many for treatments - and it’s safe to say we have all felt un-safe in one way or another this year. So be like this king this festive season and sit back comfortably in your chair knowing that you are provided for in every single way. Think about the classic Festive story of Ebenezer Scrooge - he is literally the King of Coins….but it’s not until he realised what he already had - did he stop reaching for what he didn’t. Be a Scrooge this Christmas - in the best of way :-)

As always…love ya lots :-)

And have a Glorious Christmas!

Ollie x