Tarot Thursday Reveal 15th August 2018


So the cards this week are definitely pointing towards some of those unconscious beliefs that we hold about ourselves.

We can progress so far and do what seems like a lifetime of work on ourselves and on the logical and mental levels, but the niggly little patterns still persist and sometimes we end up falling back into them.

This can create great amounts of angst and frustration. most of all with ourselves and we can feel like we are banging our heads against the walls trying to figure out what on Earth is going on!?!?

We all hold lots of agreements about ourselves and the way in which we experience reality. These past couple of weeks, I'm sure you've been feeling this unease. A good way to see this in action is how you feel when you wake up....has it been a struggle and has it been a case of thinking "oh....not this again".

Like a shadow that exists, a grizzly angry and unsatisfied part of you rearing it's head in your heart to mock and make fun of the life your leaving.

It can sure seem pretty bleak, but I can let you know that by acknowledging the existence of this dissatisfaction that you feel rather than shunning it you can bring that source of power into the fullness of you. This means you can use it to add flame to your dreams rather than having it there with a bucket of water ready to extinguish trying to prove to you, FALSELY, that your not good enough to be happy.

It's hard work. But worthy work. Let the message from this weeks cards help you rise above the tide of that sinking voice that's trying to pull you under...and perhaps recognize...that voice...that part of you...just wants to be loved too!

Card 1 - Death

Forest fires seem brutal, violent and unnecessary. The blackness they bring as they scar away the green appears at first as a tragedy. But they are necessary. What seemed lush and abundant might have actually been overgrown and out of control. From the ashes of death comes fertile soil for new growth. As all things are leveled, it offers the opportunity for what was stifled to now grow again...and BLOOM. If you've experienced a sudden ending, or are feeling the sadness of change, don't lament, rather breathe. This experience is an opportunity to grow and redefine what is important to you. Change as they is inevitable, how you react to it now depends on how trusting you are that this will offer you much growth into your truth.

Card 2 - Queen of Wands

This card, or rather this queen and feminine energy reminds you to stand tall and rely on your instincts. You know what is right for you she whispers, so first off...offer yourself a little compassion and acknowledge all the shifts and tests if faith that you have recently experienced. Right now....this moment....bring to mind the things you enjoy, the things your good at, the people you love, the things that make you feel alive. Let those emotions flood into you and allow them to enter, in all their colours, into the images in your mind. This card reminds you to not loose sight of the simple innocence of what you actually hold dear and true as opposed to what you think you should be valuing and prioritizing.

Card 3 - The Moon

Into the darkest corners of your mind and sleepy subconscious we go! Meditate, Meditate, Meditate is the word that comes to me from spirit. We have to plunge deep sometimes to find out where the treasure is. This could be to find the root of your problem or re-occurring block, especially where relationships and intimate connections are concerned. This problem is within YOU not the other person or the world around....and so the same goes for the solution....it's not to be found on the internet or in a book...the key to your self made lock is firmly within you. As a exercise in developing your intuition, right now - and take the first thing that comes to mind, close your eyes and ask to be shown the next step for you right now. If you feel sadness, let that tear roll down your face and release.

Phew - Tough cards this week folks, but that's how it goes sometimes! Don't worry though...as these layers have been a long time in the shedding for us all!

Lot's of Love

Ollie x