Tarot Thursday Reveal 03/01/2019

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Tenderness Tenderness Tenderness

With how intense everything has been of late…and perhaps against the grain of steeling yourself to those 2019 resolutions and being all hard and STRONG…this week and the energy it has bought in has called for a little SOFTNESS!

How often do we meet our wounds, our tiredness, our healing with compassion and grace? Personally speaking, not as often as I should! Quite often I’ll beat myself up for not being as together as I think I should be.

With the excess and greed of Christmas having been so visible to so many this year round, it has really hammered home that we just can’t continue in so many of the ways that we have. I’ve heard many people say that they’ve really questioned why they have eaten and drunk so much when it really makes them feel like crap and they didn’t actually enjoy it this time around.

~Deep rest has been on the cards in this house and quite a few across the land I dare say! Not what we might expect in the 1st week of Jan….but if there is one piece of advice I can give for 2019 it is to do what feels good because if you don’t….it is going to tire you out quick sharpish!

As for the cards and the Soul Retrieval business…the explanations today are to let you know what energies and parts of yourselves you have the opportunity to call back this week :-)

How exciting!

P.S. In a joking and non joking way :-) If your affected by any of the issues raised in today’s Tarot Thursday, please drop us a message and we can see how the team can help!!!

Card 1 - Eight of Coins

Is your Material and Physical life a bit out of whack at the mo> Money, house, car, even your clothes might be feeling a little drab, lifeless and your screaming for an update. This card is all about creative mastery, and not for any goal in particular but just for the sheer hell and enjoyment of it. The memory and experience of having your flair and creativity stamped out of you as a child by an adult is the one to reclaim here. If you feel fear when you pick up a paintbrush, start to sing or create in anyway then it’s like the part of you that your not connected to is locked in a cage somewhere inside. This is why it’s showing up in all things physical - because despite working hard and being all responsible/grown-up/logical you’ve really got to reclaim that creative side now because it’s time for the colour to come flooding back into your life.

Card 2 - Two of Coins

Straight off the bat spirit is letting me know that this card is all about intuition. I mentioned this morning about past life experiences that have lead “people who can see”to feel withdrawn, alien and not very welcome in this world. Your physical world, your life, your habits, should be a wonderful reflection of how connected you are to love, guidance and the collective. If you’ve got great ambitions of being spiritually in flow but aren’t really feeling that in your life right now, there is an experience from this life or another where your own inner power has been beaten out of you. Now…no one can control you they can only convince you that you are not powerful enough to exist and thrive without them. This card is all about choices, and how often we only have the energy to sustain one rather than both. As for your direction and which path you should choose, try and find that part of you that isn’t scared with the decisions that you make and embraces the inner knowing and smile that has always been there. If you need a little help with that let us know!!!

Card 3 - Queen of Swords

Hahahaha this was my card today! I’ve started 2019 with ambitions to learn lots of new things and gain as much new information and new ways of doing things that I possibly can. This highlighted a massive block for me….sometimes I’m so stubborn I can be practically un-teachable. Now upon further reflection I realised that I had stored in me alot of experiences and memories that meant I had a huge guard on my heart and the more I listened and met that place with LOVE rather than judgement, it was clear to see how hurt I was and that I felt a bit shafted as a kid by the modern world and how mean everything seemed to be-especially at school! To deal with this pain, I became argumentative and quite “know it all” to protect myself socially - because that’s what everyone else seemed to be doing! I made quite a few teachers cry during my time in school!!! The queen of swords is all about sharp advice, straight to the point wisdom and a bit of a kick up the arse. Before it would have hurt me to hear such advice in my life, to take wisdom for my own benefit without feeling hurt and that I was being deeply criticised. Revisit your own memory, meet your own heart with love and see if there are any tears held there to be released so you can see the love behind a tough, strong and stern hand trying to help you right now.

Really enjoyed this Tarot Thursday Folks and I hope you did too!!!

Lot’s of LOVE as always,

Ollie x