Tarot Thursday Reveal 01/11/2018

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Relax Relax Relax

The heart longs for a little TLC this week, as it’s perhaps feeling a little strained.

You see, we are really being asked to look past our old habits of trying to work things out by heaping on more and more thinking power and softening a little to let some of that heart wisdom shine through.

You may have been up against it a little this past week and feeling well…a little groggy indeed!

This is where your trust of yourself is really being tested, and I guess I don't mean about "left or right" "do I - don't I" but the deeper trust that is more just allowing yourself not to know, letting go of the control in trying to understand everything.

It's against the most used of our responses- WORRY! When you're in the middle of the storm, the wind howling and the waves lashing it seems to make sense to cling to the mast and be battered by the weather. Scary as it may seem however...you've got to close your eyes and allow yourself to be taken skyward by the wind and trust that wherever you fall will be the right place to you.

I heard it out well recently when someone was describing how it's often put "dare to trust your heart". Their reply was "hahaha it's more of a dare not to!!" Meaning, things start to get real dicey and we find ourselves in a right pickle when we don't listen, not the other way around!

Next week takes the turn of the lovely Kate with a guest spot on Tarot Thursday! She's a super intuitive reader who's flare with the cards and words I'm sure you're going to love! Keep your eyes peeled for an introduction to her loveliness later in the week :-)

The cards...

Card 1 - The Devil

Hold up! Don't worry this card isn't about evil :-) it's more about passions and feelings that run away with us and more about an acknowledgement that what we put our energy too becomes our reality. Me and Bex have this running joke about the word "Namaste". People say it all the time to each other through gritted teeth whilst preaching love and light! Funny isn't that when we adopt a #spiritual mindset suddenly the darker and more maddening thought streams that we have - we start to reject and refuse as part of us. If this is your card this week, stop pretending! If your jealous, envious, hatefull etc...don't try and force yourself out of it...this is where the trust I talked about comes in...take a breathe sink into the feeling and try to be gentle with yourself as you find out where it is coming from. We might not always like the ugliness of some of our emotions but - trust me when I say that when you embrace yourself for all you are and stop trying to keep up appearances, your true beauty can then really start to shine through. Never be afraid of your deepest depths, no matter what shadows you pass on the way, breathe and know that ultimately your'e just made of LOVE!


Card 2 - Wheel of Fortune

Opportunity KNOCKS! ALWAYS! You've just gotta get your mind to stop it's rambling so that you might hear it once in a while. If you take the pressure off a little about what forms you want it to take, chances are you might just make that connection that inspires a lifetime! When we are a little to fixed on the goal that we want to pursue, sometimes we can block what else is looking to flow it's way into our merry little lives. With today's energy theme of relaxing the gears a little, this card today can show you that by focussing on the feeling, letting go of the need to understand and the objective in question, that you can enjoy the process/journey a WHOLE lot more! You don't have to find things to facilitate your growth because YOU are the seed of your growth which keeps that garden growing. By shifting your thinking and looking at the world vibrationally you can use that as the attractive force and feeling within in you to bring in the agents and catalysts of change your heart desires. Don't get lost in the detail...focus on the feeling and all else will flow!


Card 3 - Two of Wands

Now it's funny how this whole tarot reading game goes! Last week the two wands came up and energetically it was so different, it was about having to make a stand and choose between two things that were held in your mind. This week however it's about letting worry leave you and "having your cake and eating it!!! WooHoo :-) you really can be happy and guess what...that compromise you think you have to make in order to "be realistic" just doesn't have to be made. Perhaps right now, you've done alot of inner work, shifting a whole load of crap and baggage, and maybe that odd feeling you've got is actually happiness! Now this might seem ridiculous, but we kinda have to get used to that feeling of freedom within us in order to let in flow deep into our bones and entire being. With this card this week, just keep in your mind the phrase "self sabotage". Those little tinkering thoughts that try to creep up, those "to good to be true" thoughts. Sillyness and nonsense if you ask me, you can be happy, and it IS good because it IS true! Simples :-)


Wowsers what amazing cards this week!!! Lot's of love to you lovely folks and stay BEAUTIFUL!