Tarot Thursday Revel

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Well well well what a feminine spread, and just at the right time to tie in with the energies of subconscious release from this full moon eclipse coming up!

It's quite a highly charged one really with the sun at home in the fiery masculine energy of Leo, that push and pull can really be felt.

Simply put however all that we experience in life is to help us evolve and grow, especially as we do all the work we are doing individually to meet and marry one day as one large loving community...YAY I hear you say!

Put it to yourselves simply like this - when you feel frantic in your energy and a bit tested...does this situation/feeling/situation/self belief represent who I truly am? Trust...and I'm sure you'll know instantly by what your body tells you what the answer is! And if it's difficult to let it just be and release...come to your heart and simply say "I'm trying" and ask for a little help from our trusty friends around us in spirit :-)

The Cards...

Card 1 - The Lovers

One of my absolute favourites.! Look at the picture for this one to get a deeper meaning of what this cards all about. It can very much refer to romantic union but not just this alone! The man and the women kneel before each other, they are comfortable in their own power and self-love and in this way they create the circle of love and energy around them, by adding to each others love - not by taking away from it. Also, they kneel before each other out of respect for each individuals view on reality and viewpoint, accepting that synergy and union come from focusing on a common goal rather than getting lost in the differences. Hang in there...because if this has been hard to find in yourself and with your loved one's recently...Remember your capacity to see and feel love is deeper than you might know!

Card 2 - Queen of Swords

Swords are all about thoughts, planning, logic and the mental realm. So what does this queen have to say for herself? She represents the warrior who has seen it all yet still has space for an open heart. However she sure won't be taken as a fool. With the capacity for love during this summer season, this card is to remind us not to forget your mental processes and apply a little discernment and natural logic to the situation. This Queen can be hard sure, but it is not for bad reason and it is not out of bad intent. Listen to this healthy dose of cool rationalism because...in the long run it's for the ultimate good of opening your heart to love but not leaving you open and vulnerable!

Card 3 - The Empress

I've talked about the Empress before about being the ultimate Mother, loving - kind - giving. In this weeks spread however it's more about a kind patience. She stands in the fertile garden un-changed, un phased by the seasons and no doubt she stands there lovingly when it is bare during the winter months of scarcity to nurture it in her vision until it is fertile and abundant again - whilst trusting she will be provided for. With regards to things you are trying to change and manifest into your life at the moment, this card is a healthy dose of trust and patience. Close your eyes and visualize for a moment the life and happiness you want, hold the picture and feeling in your heart and mind, and then imagine a white light swooping down and absorbing it into source to nurture it and make it so. Patience my friends, and the empress wil lovingly nurture and make sure your provided for!

As always guys, thanks for joining us and see you again soon!

Much Love,

Ollie x