Tarot Thursday Reveal - 29/11/2018

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Nightvision Nightvision Nightvision


Did you see the owls poking their lovely heads out of the corner of this mornings picture?

The owl is such a great spirit animal for anyone who wants some insight at the moment and to see a larger picture of how everything is connecting now. November thus far has been an immense month of endings as we draw to the end of the year.

However in the same breath, it’s also been quite painful as we have had to finally say goodbye to some very long threads and themes. Nightvision is the word that jumps out for this weeks reading as we dig a little deeper and ask for some perspective in amongst the old memories and shadows of times gone by. The light of a new you is in there somewhere :-)

Please please please read this


The barn owl in particular is a great energy to call upon when it seems like nothing makes sense. Their incredible precision, resourcefulness and beauty can help us “zoom out” of our melodrama to see some of the greater forces at play.

As for the cards…

Card 1 – Four of Cups

This card is all about the illusion of being confined and the sadness that we can all fall into when we are fresh out of hope. It drags us down doesn’t it!?!? That super low feeling we can all have when it seems like the world is against us. Try not to reject this feeling, but rather embrace it. Have a bit of quality blanket time as Amanda our EFT therapist calls it. Sometimes we need to really sink into that melancholy and sadness to allow ourselves to realise that it’s not just our mind and heart that are sad but our body also. How can we change if there is no awareness that things are just not working? Just start with one thing to get the river of hope flowing within you again, a brisk walk, a fruit smoothie. a funny film whatever it may be to find that smile again. Just to help you remember what it feels like to be light in your bones once again.

Card 2 – Page of Wands

If you’ve been feeling little flutters of excitement and giddiness this week…really let them fill your body and help you flourish! The sense of play that you may feel bubbling up should not be greeted by the grumpy voice and judgement of adulthood but rather nurtured and allowed to come to centre stage!!! It’s a bit like feeling like a teenager and I feel this card today is to show you to trust those little glimmers of happiness as the light starts to creak in through the dark and shadows of recent times. All the work you have done this year is coming to a bit of a culmination and the page is showing you to TRUST that everything is soon to get a lot lighter…aslong as you keep believing that it will!!!

Card 3 – Five of Swords

Isolation through personal growth and self development…it’s a thing! When we grow and shed our skin, sometimes the beautiful colours underneath, now visible to the world, literally threaten some of our nearest and dearest. If you have felt great in yourself recently and pleased and proud of what you feel and how you’ve confronted some challenging situations YET feel a little out of sorts amongst places/people that you once felt comfortable this card is just a wee reminder to keep at it and just worry about yourself in that. A true friend wants to see you at your most beautiful and bright and will seek to support and elevate you in that journey. Anyone who has an investment in you staying where you are and being meek and restrained isn’t really “seeing” the real you. If you have to let someone go, do it! And you can always keep them in their heart and make peace and be grateful for the times you had….but still avoid all the drama that they might drag you into! Your happiness and truth will NEVER EVER EVER take from someone else!

Have a super duper week folks and be kind to each other…and yourself!

Ollie x