Tarot Thursday Reveal - 15/11/2018

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Calm Calm Calm

The lull in the storm.

The clouds clear just a little to see the horizon and you remember the hope of trusting where your going.

And the knowing that this to shall pass.

Funnily enough, spirit working its wonderful magic, Bex has had dreams of a ship and the theme of a journey all this week.

We keep on asking ourselves...what  is this journey?!?

We are in November...and I bet a lot of you had points in your year where you couldn't actually imagine making it to November lol  

Much like a person setting out on a quest in olden days....they have a reason for their voyage...

...but the journey and the years might leave you feeling different about why you started out in the first place. 

Do you feel different in yourself than you did when you begin this year? And what do you seek on your quest now 

Our feelings change over time...that a given 

If they evolve...well that's completely up to us!!

Let the cards give you calm and help you stand still this week...

So you might find the love inside!

p.s. read all three this week as I think they’re pretty spot on for us all!

Card 1 - Ten of Swords

The old phrase, the light is darkest before the dawn comes to me be with this card. Swords are all about the mental plane and tens are cards of completion. If this is your card today, take a look at the man in the picture. He’s utterly exhausted, by his efforts, by his own mind and by the struggle. But in that exhaustion, there is acceptance and the promise now of rest. It’s also good to know if this is your card that you are by no means alone in this at the moment, so much angst and change for everyone currently…but that’s the spreading of love and awareness for you, up comes the baggage that’s been trampled down for so long! Sometimes when we have traveled all the roads outside to try and find home, we end up coming full circle, and following the road back within. You needn’t worry or stress your mind any longer for the answer…as you have all the tools now to let it come to you :-) p.s. it’s whatever makes ya feel good in your bones!

Card 2 - Nine of Wands

We strive and strive sometimes to meet the markers we make to help us feel that we are successful. The picture shows a man laying his wands and making his plans and he does so with confidence , not focused on what he has just done but what he is about to do. If this is your card this week, just remember it’s not what you do that keeps you going but that fire in your belly. So if your feeling exhausted this week, from to much toil and hard work at the grindstone of project “life” :-) just hang in there for a little longer! You’ve done it before and you’ll do it again - so the calm comes from knowing that you trust yourself and you can do it - YOU WILL DO IT! Take your foot off the gas just for a little bit, ESPECIALLY getting warm if it’s cold where you are, find some comfort - get some rest- because your going to smash your little goal out of the park! Every warrior needs a cave to retreat to sometimes!

Card 3 - Ten of Coins

Another card of completion this evening! This time the Ten of coins, all about earthly groundings, security and the body. Been having them cold/flu like symptoms of late!?!? Found this transition from summer to autumn a bit difficult? Your body sure is in need of a bit of TLC. Maybe you don’t need to join the gym ,eat more fruit and veg or go running…maybe you just need to give your body a chance just to be. Think about it…all that you’ve experienced lately and all you’ve learnt this year…your mind has caught up….your heart has caught up….but has the rest of the body been given a chance to do the same? Think of Your body as a transmitter and receiver…you might be experiencing a bit of a software update at the mo so you can sing your truth from the vibration you sing deep down in your bones. Your a walking antenna, beaming out and attracting love all the time :-) letting that mind/body.soul connection just link up this week and calmly living in your body will help you enjoy that LOVE all the more!

If any of this resonates please let us know and as always, good luck on your soulful journeys you lovely lovely people!!

Ollie x