Tarot Thursday Reveal 22/11/2018

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Mastery Mastery Mastery

Good days and bad days we all have them!!

How to tip the scale in our favour and what can we do to to keep us feeling ALIVE ️

The key point here is what we decide to give our judgement to, how we form an idea of what should be rather than what is. And the only point of control that we actually have...how we react 

Sorrow is just as valid as joy and really one is not better than the other. How many times have you felt absolutely terrible, but instead of getting to the bottom of that feeling and allowing yourself that experience we just say to ourselves "we really shouldn't be feeling like this".

We are not monks are we!!! We all have our day to day lives - not to get on with - but to actually enjoy and experience!

If we are putting up judgements of ourselves, trying to be uber positive all the time for example, than we are denying ourselves the sensuality that can be found in just honouring how we actually feel.

Sadness needn't engulf your day, and equally joy and ecstasy don't have to leave you manic and ungrounded.

The cards today are here to help you remember one of the most empowering questions you can ask yourself...

"What is it I want to create today"

Card 1 - Three of Coins

Different ingredients unite to create a masterpiece...and your the chef! Like ready steady cook, how can a bunch of individual ingredients become a mouth watering delicious dish...by the magic of you  and a craftsman touch. So many life events have happened for you of late, and it been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least!! And also there have been some real deep moments of heartfelt love have there not? Parts of you that have come out of the shadows that you never even knew were there! And help from faces that have been so kind it's as if they have just come out of nowhere. You are the craftsman with all the materials to make your masterpiece, so it's time to get your sleeves rolled up and put some of that hard earned experience and insight to good use! What do you want to create...

Card 2 - The Hierophant

The beauty of non judgement is that you get to SEE all as it really is and life is sooooo much less stressful! The old saying don't judge a book by its cover belongs to this card. Let me explain it like this, if your idea of where you should be headed in life or how you should be feeling is fixed then you really won't be able to see the wood for the trees. When the universe comes tapping at your door with a wonderful opportunity or pleasurable experience, you might discard it as not being part of "your plan"! Ha....it's your souls plan that the universe really cares about and the judgments we make usually come from a place of ego. This card invites you to get out of the river, swim to the bank, and sit on the side for a moment and watch the flow of your life from a different perspective! And for all you parents out there, communication in ourselves and amongst adults has been difficult this week so don't be to harsh on your kids because it's thought for them too. Take five, and come down to your children's level and enter into their world for a change...you'll enjoy it  and get to understand a whole lot more about them aswell!!

Card 3 - Five of Wands

Feeling a bit of envy this week? Grass is greener on the other side perhaps? Or are you viewing your world through a competitive lens thinking you have to be the biggest or baddest to get ahead? The mastery in this situation is the all encompassing unconditional love for yourself!! Say you have a really mean thought pop up in your head about another's success, its not just a matter of not indulging that thought stream and staying #positive, perhaps if you gave yourself a break and retraced your steps you might be able to acknowledge that darker part of your character and release the habit and memory that led to it the first place. Try not to get bogged down in the particulars and the stickiness of the feeling of uninspiring competition but rather just ask yourself "what is dear to my heart...what am I working for here?" So when petty conflicts arise, especially with your loved ones, you can zoom out a little of all the miniature dramas and start to see and works towards the bigger picture once again!!

That wraps it up for this week folks, have a super duper week!

Love you all

Ollie x