So basically it all came to a crunch...


💡About 10 years ago, I was Working 2 jobs, doing nearly 70 hours a week+, completely stressed out and over whelmed with life, was trying hard to keep up appearances with friends and family and make out that I was totally happy and fine, and keep them happy all at the same time. 
Looking back I missed every single sign my body was sending me to slow down. Every single sign that said your not happy with the situation your in, every single sign that asked me how do you feel about this? And what are you doing for you in it all?

So basically it all came to a crunch.
One morning I couldn't get out of bed because the pain in my back was so bad, and I had a head ache the size of asda, so I couldn't go to work and reclunctantly phoned in sick ( and anyone who knew me at the time knew that this was a massive deal). After spending most the day in bed, I knew I needed to get up and have something to eat so I might at least make my evening body had other ideas however.

I can't really remember what happened, I remember standing up from the table and then the next minute I was in an ambulance. 
At 19, I was in hospital being told they thought I had a stroke. I was absolutely gutted and terrified, not because of the stroke, becuase I had to stay in bed and rest whilst they ran more tests.

You see I've come to realise I kept myself busy, so I didn't think about "stuff". I ran around bending over back wards for others because I wanted to hide the pain from my unloved self always giving on the basis "well if everyone else is happy, so am i". I worked all those god dam hours because I felt like I had to prove myself.

So I didn't have a stroke, but it was the start of a really painful neurological condition that took the best part of 6 years to be diagnosed, completely robbing me of any self confidence I had, leaving me chronically depressed, and completely and utterly lost.

So fast forward 6 years, and I'm pretty much sick of taking tablets, speaking to different health professionals, being passed round from one department to another, and basically just feeling like crap, and I came across complementary therapies. Here was the start of my long love affair with complementary health and a very long and drawn out breakup with western medicine and my poor health.

I tried accupunture, energy healing, art therapy, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, chakra and Crystal healing, flower essences, herbalism, I literally tried everything, but being unemployed and shelling out £40 a treatment on average per treatment, limited how often I could go greatly.

The real turning point came for me, when I realised I could help others and myself all at the same time, and finally listened into that little voice that told me I should be healing others. My personal experience has given me great compassion for others, and little did I know how intuively I would be led in learning and delivering the therapy I do today.

The biggest thing I promised myself and that I wanted to be a focus of my own practice is to offer a space for a person to be heard, and to be viewed as a whole being, rather then syptomatically.
For the space to be safe, individual; be open and honest about my own experience ( anyone who knows me- you can literally ask me whatever you want, and I will always give you my honest answer from my heart) and for it all to be built upon trust and understanding. AND for it to be accessible for everyone- no matter what your income!

Do I want you to come and see me every week, once a month, etc for the next 5 years- 
No I don't...... I want to show you, inspire you, and help you grow you so can do it all on your own- and be happier, balanced, and more peaceful for it!

⭐Over the next few weeks, I will share in all my tips for self care at home, my favourite go to treatments for when I feel like I need a little help, meditating with children and your family, and helpful hinters to keep your home happy and balanced.

Sol Shop opens its doors this week aswell. There isn't one thing in there that we don't use ourselves. 
Best of All, the shop will always be working progress....the treatment list will change, our products will change, as we grow and understand even more....and for all the lovely people that visit us and share their journey, this is a space for you to grow too.

Let us know if there's something your Interested in finding out more about? Treatments....products.....self development and self care. We would love to hear your ideas ❤❤

Oliver JenkinSol Energies