Simple and effective ways to practice Self Care

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If you have already read our most recent blog on self care, then you will know how important it is, and all the wonderful benefits self care has to offer.

If you missed it- don’t worry, you can click here to read it…………

We are all about helping people build their tool kit; a special tool kit, to maintain, protect and improve their mind, body and soul, in between treatments and long after the day they don’t need to see us any more.

We want you to feel empowered about your own physical and emotional care, which is why we’ve put together this helpful list of all the ways you can practice and build self- care into your daily/ weekly routine!

Talking form personal experience, I find it helpful to have an awareness of how long each exercise/ activity takes, so when I need to head to my tool kit, I can choose something that fits in with the rest of my day. The longer ones I like to get blocked out on my calender, so I’m 100% committed to seeing it through and I can’t hide behind the excuse “I don’t have time”.  We’ve also included lots of ideas that don’t cost anything too- so there really is no excuse!

So here is Sol Energies top ideas for building Self Care:

·       Exercise- join a class, go for a run/swim or even just a walk

·       Take a relaxing warm bath

·       Read a book

·       Put down/ turn off your phone

·       Meet up with friends or family, or contact an old friend

·       Spend time in nature

·       Meditate

·       Eat your dinner away from any screens

·       Journal

·       Write a daily gratitude diary

·       Make time for your hobbies

·       Learn something new

·       Just lie down and listen to some music

·       Make a dreams/ bucket list

·       Visit your favourite complementary therapist and enjoy a relaxing, massage or reflexology treatment.

·       Watch your favourite film

·       Have a duvet day

·       Go away for the weekend

·       Take a day trip to somewhere you’ve never been before

·       Volunteer

·       Make a playlist of your favourite songs

·       Eat your favourite dinner

·       Feel your home with all the things you love

·       Get rid off all the clothes that don’t make you feel like an absolute God/Godess

·       Unfollow everyone that’s negative or who doesn’t inspire you.

·       Smile at a stranger

·       Pay someone a compliment

·       Donate to a charity

·       Help another person

·       Do some gentle stretches and take some deep breaths

·       Do some yoga

·       Have a lie in or go to bed early

·       Do something out of your comfort zone

·       Go dancing

·       Use affirmations

·       Do some drawing or writing

·       Watch the sunrise or sunset

·       Practice mindfulness

·       Look at your favourite photos.


So there’s a few ideas to get you started. If you have any top tips on your own self care- please comment below. We would love to hear what works for you.

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