The Benefits Shiatsu in the Winter Time

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The Benefits Shiatsu in the Winter time


Here we go heading towards the cold, dark winter, again.  It is definitely the season that shows up how well we are looking after ourselves.  Any aches and pains begin to hurt, moods can be affected and energy can ebb.


In a society that asks an awful lot of us, busy working and home lives, living in rhythm with the seasons is difficult but also pretty important. Winter is telling us what we need to do; it’s cold, stay indoors and wrap up warm; it’s dark, take the time to rest, to do less, to slow down.


Although Japanese, Shiatsu uses the Five Element form of diagnosis, part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Winter is the time of the Water Element; this is our vital energy, what we inherit from our parents and the burner that supports the body as a whole. We use our Water energy to push through our lives and if we don’t rest enough in the winter there is a lack of this vital energy for the rest of the year.


We can do a lot to support our Water energy


·         Rest when we can and as much as possible

·         Incorporate quiet reflection and meditation into our daily lives

·         Get to bed early as often as we can

·         Keep our kidney area warm; wrap our lower back area with a scarf

·         Drink plenty of warm drinks, including ginger tea

·         Eat warming stews of Miso or good quality stock, include sea vegetables or fish

·         Stay away from sugary foods and drinks; these zap our vital energy pretty quickly


Shiatsu can help support our bodies through the coldest months.  It is great at boosting the body’s natural energy supplies and helping our tired bodies generate natural vital energy. Shiatsu looks to balance the energy in the body so that when the body is in balance physical symptoms can ease, thoughts and emotions can flow and the body’s energy levels can rise.


Shiatsu is like a massage but not like a massage; well this is one way a client described their treatment with me. It is always given through clothes and generally on a futon mat on the floor, using common massage techniques plus rotations and stretches when appropriate. A frequent comment is that people feel taller after their treatment than before they came in for it and that they have enjoyed being stretched, rather than trying to do this for themselves.

Shiatsu is suitable for everyone and can help support many complaints or concerns.  I have treated clients with chronic pain, back ache, Arthritis, Sciatica, digestive issues and shoulder and neck complaints. Other clients have come because they are suffering with stress or anxiety, with depression, sleep issues or there are big changes in their personal lives.