👉🏻Are your karmic cords keeping you held in a negative patten of behaviour


👉🏻Are your karmic cords keeping you held in a negative patten of behaviour, and destructive cycles of victimhood?

As we are all being asked to take a inward lean into destructive patterns, and negative emotions we might be holding onto, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to explain all about karmic cord cutting.

So what are karmic cords? 
Well basically in short they are the invisible links that we attach to people, situations etc. A type of energetic chord if you like, which can be emotional or mental. 
These chords are formed through sex, conscious and subconscious vows, contracts promises and oaths. 
There are good cords and bad cords, and it's the bad ones we want to get rid of. 
Well it's these invisible cords that keep us in low frequency relationship cycles, and keep us attracted to drama, and situations/ places which are just no good for us. 
They can allow the energy to be drained from your emotional body which is why we are often caught thinking about an ex for example, or why we keep reaping over and feeling pain from the past.

Cutting cords are an important part for the evolution of our relationships and soul journey, as it clears the way to move forward. It allows us to enter into a new higher vibration as we break through old patterns of behaviour, releasing pain and hurt and can help us stop projecting that pain into new and future relationships.

It certainly doesn't mean breaking up either if you are with someone currently, as it's a wonderful way to open up communication, and experience a greater union of higher love and understanding, as the relationships karmic baggage is cleared. The greatest thing I have experienced is the removal of expectation and co dependancy, which can be particularly harmful to your relationships.

So if this is sounds like something you need, you might be wondering how we go about cord cutting.....and as one client recently asked.....no we aren't standing beside you with a big old pair or spiritual scissors. 😂

It's actually very simple; for as long as your truly ready, and your higher self has the understanding and the want to be free (which of course it does) my self and Ollie are able to hold this simple ritual during an hours energy Healing, which can be done either in person or via distance. It gives you the space and eases your recalibration of all your energetic bodies to realign so you feel clearer and free to move forward, to create and experience the relationships and love you truly deserve.

Bex xx