Is your head a really loud place?

Does your head come off?

So many times we forget that our heads are part of our body and that what goes on in our heads has an effect on what our body does.  If your head thinks, ‘I’d like a cup of tea’ before you know it your body is carrying out the actions to make that cup of tea.  It is the same for all thoughts that we have in our heads, whatever we think manifests in our body and that can be at all sorts of levels.

What about those people who travel a long way to work and come home to say that travelling is killing me, over time our bodies respond and this can also become a core belief that you say it so often you start to really believe it, not just as something we get used to saying but it’s deeper meaning.

If you hear yourself saying I can’t for any reason, I can’t paint, I can’t write, I can’t follow a recipe, I can’t cook, I’m not good at that this or that, then each time you say these things you are confirming that you can’t.  I have had many clients who have a low sense of self worth feeling they are useless and can’t do anything and when we have tracked it back it has been linked to a throw away comment that an adult has said to them when they were younger or from a life event where life has been tipped upside down and if life were a jigsaw, no pieces have fallen back down in a way that life could easily be rebuilt. 

There are also those times when a child has been repeatedly told that they are bad or useless and those words stick too.  Whatever words a child hears, especially in the early years 0-6, sticks.  They are learning about the world and if that is all negative then guess what…..  that becomes their normal too, we carry these beliefs with us through to adulthood and if we don’t change our beliefs then many decisions we make are based on old worn out conditioning that is no longer suitable to who we are and what we now know.

So when you go about your everyday life, listen to how you say things to yourself and to others, understand what you are asking your body to do and if it is a core belief, seek the help you need to deal with it so you can restore energy and give your body clear signals of how you want it to be with your head well and truly on.  Not only will your body and mind be in sync but you will be ensuring you are in control of your wellbeing and health and then who knows you may be able to start to paint that picture, make that recipe or just know that you can.