Is it just me....


s it just me......or is there just a never ending list of stuff to be done? ðŸ˜´ðŸ˜´ðŸ˜´

A carefully orchestrated day, where by you methodically work through your day.....

Kids sorted, pack lunches, school letters returned, off to school, fed and watered.....
Off to work (well there's a whole list in its self) 
Cook tea, sort washing, tidying, housekeeping of admin, bills, messages, phone calls etc, is everyone else Ok, happy, got what they need?

Sound familiar?

Ahhh yes ... the emotional load...... our heads are literally full of a shed loads of plates we are Spinning to make sure everything is ticking over.

The problem is, if your the carrier of the load, where are our needs in this list?

If I just check mine a sec......
Yup there I am........ right down at the bottom 🤣

I've completely fallen off the bang wagon since Christmas and forgotten all about me, which is why Im right down at the bottom, and my body and soul is literally crying out for some tlc.

Have I listened? 
Erm that would be a big fat nope- Doh!

Do you listen?

So here's the thing, I would love to take myself off for a spa day and just disappear for a weekend......realistically that isn't Guna Happen and actually in the long run- that probably isn't going to help this big old emotional load I'm lugging round either.

So what's this all about? 
Well some where in it all, I Think it has a strong link to how we feel about ourselves.

Do we deserve to be a little higher up that list....... YES! 
Is absolutely every last thing on that list ours solely to take responsibility for......probably not!

Do we ask for help enough? 
Fears around being a burden? 
Hell bent on being independent? 
Too busy looking after everyone else so we avoid ourselves?

(I'm doing my wide eyed, raised eye brow thing right now......coz you know there's some truth in it)

The thing I accidently forgot is It's not so much about the grand gestures we give ourselves..... but the little gifts...... because guess what, 
Sharing the load, asking for help, and just saying no isn't as bad as it first seems.

Saying yes to you however, gives you strength, clarity, and the energy to invest where you want to put it, without leaving yourself empty.

And that my friends is the long and short of it.

You can't pour from an empty cup!

Ain't nobody who is Guna move you up that list, but show yourself a little love, cut yourself some slack, and do what's right and best for you ❤

Bex xxx

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