I got prompted this morning to pick a card for everyone to help us all see what this MASSIVE full moon is here to show us.

It's the eight of swords. This is a bit of running theme for myself and I'm sure many of you!

It's a card that pops up time and time again for me. You see...it's a card of entrapment. Of self believed bondage. Of thinking your trapped but your NOT.

It's a brutal card, or can appear to be, as there are no bad cards in the tarot.

If anything it's a gift, just like this full moon, a reminder, to remember that freedom and responsibility are one in the same.

Now...all the parts of you that you think are you will be climbing the walls of your mind today screaming to be taken seriously, screaming to be fed so that they can continue to exist.

Why does this happen?

Because they are scared.

We all form so many coping mechanisms to escape the painful transition back into love and oneness.

What determines how painful this is??

Its how much we choose to identify with the parts of ourselves that are outdated and are just echoes of the past, old memories, old behaviour and old hurts.

Spirit are telling me to remind us all of this...we are WARRIORS ๐Ÿ’ช

You are at the helm of your own ship, there is no battle but what we choose.

I had a reading recently and the energy from that reminds me say this...

All is love...everything else is illusion.

This is the time to think of yourself. When your loved ones are close this weekend, remember to be you and remember that love...seeks love.

Things become outdated because we grow, and if we don't, things change around us to reflect back to us where we need to trust and release.

Release today dear friends. This is a golden opportunity to let go of all that doesn't serve you any longer.

Just like your mind, you will come up against conflict as you do this.

Know that anything or anyone that has an investment in that old view of you is only clinging onto it because they are struggling with this transition in themselves.

Breathe, show them compassion, and remember to keep your focus on you.

All is not lost...until it is found.

No bondage or entrapment exists...it's only the momentary block to the flow of love.

That's what this card the eight of swords shows us and that's why the full moon is here.

To illuminate the parts of our shadow that need to be forgiven and brought back into the light, so that we can greet them and welcome them back into the love of our hearts.

If you find yourself struggling this weekend...

Say this simple phrase to yourself...



And feel that feeling spread from your heart to the rest of your body...especially your MIND.

Ask your angels and guides to help you do this. You have free will and it is your choice to see possibility.

But remember...

There is an army of light always with you, with their hands held out, to take yours when you need it most.

All you need do is ask.

Remember dear ones, we are all in this together and the millions of you that choose to return to love start to resonate all together and make this an easier transition for you individually, as a collective and as a planet.

You are not alone, never were and never will be.

The love you see today sets forth in motion a chain of possibility.

A chain of togetherness.

A chain of forgiveness.

Be the link you need to be.

And see no imaginary block.

From A 2 B.

Be you.

Be love.

And you will choose to set yourself FREE.


Bloody bank holidays eh lol

Gotta love em โค๏ธ

Blessings to you all ๐Ÿ˜

And keep it simples y'all โœŒ๏ธ

Much Love

Ollie x