⭐Energy update


Do you know what's lurking in your shadows?

The intensitity of light activations and downloads have been pretty intense over The last few days, so if your sleeps been unsettled, or you've simply been waking up from a deep sleep but feeling like it's still not enough, here lies your reason.

It's all falling part of a bigger picture, and part of our understanding, growth and deep inner healing, as we all begin to understand even more, what patterns, deep ancestral programming and social untruths we've taken on as our own without questioning if it's inline with our divine being.

Spirit tell me the question we need to be asking right now is
"Does this situation/ feeling best represent who I am and who I want to be?"

There will be a few "a ha" moments where suddenly old misunderstandings, old hurts.....are resolved, surrendered and forgiven as our higher self shines a light on where it originates from. We will be able to see compassionately for ourselves and for another where this has come from, and be able to make a choice weather we accept it into our being or simple transmute it and return it to a place of love.

This is the down fall of everything hidden in the shadows to which you keep separate and hidden, and although it may be subsconcious or a choice to keep it hidden from others, what will we truly come to understand in all senses is that any degree of separatation within ourselves, is keeping us from our divine truth, love and spiritual balance. With ourselves, with god/source/ the creator/ and with another.

I can see a magical Dragon....... and this is the Dragon that will eat you up or you can tame it, and ride it beyond the sky.

This is the difference between fear and love.

Are the choices you make about who you are or who you want to be in love? Or in fear?

The narrative of your life right now- is it a story of love, or a story of fear, hardship and limitation?

The Dragon is here to show us how to be MORE! 
To love more.....
To be more.....

Time to write a new story.....one where you come out on top......the one where you know who you are.....and live how you want to.

Whatever has gone before, no longer matters..... for its what you create right now, which paves the way for the brightest of futures, which is no less then what you deserve 💓

Take time to listen, and take shelter from outside drama, and be prepared to release all fears......you have the key to unlock the greatest gift, you just needed to remember it was there all along.

B Xx