💡Energy update:


💡Energy update:


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It's not very often I do these, but I've been guided to share.

I'm sure, you've all noticed the heaviness or what I like to call "stickiness" that seems to be hanging in the air recently. 
It's like everything is abit bitty, taking time to build momentum and literally forever to get anywhere (and I'm not sure we can entirely blame that all on the road works haha)

Is spring ever going to arrive? 🌻🌸
I don't know about you, but I feel like I've been waiting weeks.

There's been so many changes, upheavals and transformations that have been taking place since the new year. With many of us, really being pushed to look at the truth we are aligning ourselves with, and question....."does this best represent me?"

Again, for many, our time has been limited and is up, and for some it may feel like the choice has been taken away from us as we are thrown into unknown territory and been moved into a place that feels unfamiliar and unsafe.

You may feel great annoyance, and easily slip into victimhood
"Why has this happened to me?" 
" Why is nothing going right" 
" Why have I got to start all over again?"

But you see, there is a plan......a master plan. 
We are all being moved weather we like it into a place where we are more aligned with our truth and the remembrance of ourselves.

If your not fond of spending time with yourself, then I'm afraid, this won't be an easy process, as the next few months build......it really is all about you.

So from Jan up until now, has literally brought us the death energy. 
The death of the old you as you know it; the one who is bound by fears and limitations, of which I may add, were never yours in the first place. 
For thoses already working towards their truth, a pit stop and a chance for reflection and a deeper understanding, so they are really ready to move forward and be bold and bright in who they are.

And so it is with death, that new beginnings begin to present themselves. 
These new beginnings however are cloudy, murky and still unclear, but yet we can see them, feel them, standing out on the horizon.

So it may feel like a place of limbo.....
No mans land between the past and future......What do we do now?

Spirit tells me "patience child"

And so I see over the next couple of weeks, the new beginnings, and wonderful opportunities become all the more clearer, and the right path forward is known.

But for now, it is patience we need and to sit tight, gathering all the lessons, growth and understanding we've gained, storing it in our backpacks, because sure enough come the end of March we will all be off again on the great adventure of life. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

With much love, strength and blessings.

Bex x