💡Do you react or respond?


💡Do you react or respond?

This weeks lessons have been arriving thick and fast, whilst we are putting in the final pushes to get the shop ready for opening. I jokingly said to Ollie earlier in the week "I genuinely would rather have more babies then open a bloody shop" which is ridiculous as we have 4 between us already! 😂
It's pushed our self belief, our trust in each other, our patience and understanding to the limits.

What's really hit home is when we feel like we are being pushed and tested, is how easy it is to let your past influence your judgement. 
Past experience almost dictates an untruth to our ability to react in a caring, compassionate and logical manner. Your completely flung into a reflex of fight or flight because your uncomfortable and that little voice pipes up saying " oh we know how this is going to go!"

So perhaps it's fair to say, a reaction almost seems to be a form of defensive.

" Warning- prepare to get hurt"

Emotions drive us forward, we loose control and often aren't focused or centred in what's true for us any more.

Responding on the other. (An area which I completely missed the boat with this week) involves a more thoughtful, and reasonable approach. Here is an opportunity to listen, grow, understand and respond in our truth.

So what's the difference? 
Well for me and my understanding, it's about being present and making a conscious choice. 
Take responsibility through self empowerment, and remove all judgement. 
It's hard not to put a time frame in place, or pressure on ourselves as often our uneasiness in conflict naturally pushes for a resolve. I guess you have to take time to honour your own feelings as well, because you would be doing yourself a complete disservice if you were to brush your feelings under the carpet and pretend they didn't happen or exist.

I definitely think taking time and consciously choosing to respond opens the door for more peace, more love, growth and understanding, for yourself and another....AND is something you have to choose time and time again and be aware of. It's not going to happen over night is it?
Oh boy....if only it was that easy!

This comes as well as no coincidence to the fact we've had our first new moon of 2018
Spirit tells me this is the perfect opportunity to release the past and start a fresh.

"Your not defined by your past experiences, be present now and be guided by how you feel, your understanding and your growth which brings you to where you are today. 
Respond and choose based on who you are today, not where you've been, what's happened, or where you think you are going. Just be present. "

They really do have the best advice. 🙏

So next time your faced with a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, or draws out some pretty heavy feeling, ask yourself weather your going to react or respond?

And even if you choose the first, don't beat yourself, because guess what.....you can always choose again.

Warmest wishes

Bex xxx

Ps Ollie I'm sorry for reacting like a volcano 🌋 our shop is going to rock!

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