Tarot Thursday Reveal

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Hi All :-)

Today there is a massive eclipse which will help set forth some serious patterns of change and transformation for the next six months and beyond. 

The cards sometimes work like this...they let us know what we are going to release if we just keep on embracing ourselves and continue to recognise this simple truth...

That we are indeed already FREE and nothing can change that...all we need to do is believe it!

The flutterings of true freedom are all around so don't let those who had an investment in you being a caged bird scratch you with their claws, stay true, be YOU and love love love.

Because after all...

What else is there!

Card 1- Five of Cups

We can't always see what is best for us, so it is only natural that things don't always turn out the way we have envisioned. It's important to remember at this time to refocus our minds and hearts and believe that the situation will serve us in the long run, as the universe always knows best. Sometimes we are dwelling on the past or things that went wrong when this card is drawn, and it is highlighted that this mode of thinking is keeping us from moving forward in the direction of our eventual happiness. You may feel completely overwhelmed by your feelings at the moment, so make time to sit with them, and know this time shall pass. 

Card 2- Nine of Coins

A card of success, luxury and self nurturing. Give yourself a pat on the back. Your prosperity hasn't been handed to you on a gold plate- oh no, this has been earned by many hours of long hard work. For some of you though you don't feel like you deserve the rest and relaxation, why not? Weather it's physical, emotional or spiritual work you've been putting in, it's time to stop and enjoy the view. Take some time out for yourself and enjoy some quiet reflection. 

There also a couple of people here that have drawn this card who are thinking about a new business venture or having a career change, if this is you, your ideas are well founded and should be pursued! 

Card 3- Five of Coins 

This card tells us something is lacking in our lives- it maybe real, but chances are it's more of a perception, and this is what the card is asking us to change. Whilst the card is insinuating towards financial worries, it can also represent an absence of friends, romance, or opportunities. 

So we are reminded about the law of attraction, and for as long as we focus on what We don't have it will only bring us more of the experience of lack! Don't be disheartened if you have drawn this card as help is at hand, but at the moment you might be too distracted to ask or too proud. 

This is a temporary situation and will fade away into a more positive energy- this may bring in a change in career so be on the look out for this. 

It is also an important reminder that we should be paid a fair wage for your efforts!