The first time I have written in a while....


The first time I have written in a while

Yesterday I crashed my car. Into the central reservation, sucked in and thrown out by a big lorry, didn't hit anything else. Sure was real gusty yesterday!

I was fine - the car a write off but not particularly damaged. It was an old Honda jazz lol still...I did really love that car!

And I was perfectly fine and didn't hit any other cars, and apart from ruining my car, in the grand scheme of things nothing particularly bad happened and I am grateful :-)

It leaves me wondering though...

How am I to frame this so that I can own it, see it so it may enrich me, and feel it to show me of love???

I asked

and this is what I was told...


You crashed to show you what it is you are meant to do.

This is not an event but a happening. Remember what beauty is. Remember how you've grown before.

By the light within you - you will be guided, and you will realise that the light you see in the world and in others will shine as brightly as you see the light within you

Have Faith.

Look how far you have come.

You, as do all, have a mission here on this Earth.

In short, don't dilly dally. The obstructions in you, and the worlds around you will lift. Know this, they will lift.

Speed and urgency, of both space and time, are not what you think they are.

And yes, there are those that know this and do not share. Love them with all your heart, as if it was yourself struggling with accepting love.

You weren't hurt, and it wasn't, nor is it, bad. The accident is an open doorway to your realignment. To help you understand everything deeper.

You have yet to consciously imagine everything you are both to achieve, experience and feel.

Everything is right and everything is on plan.

Love each other dear children, for that is what you choose to come here to do.


Groovy or what!?!?

Oliver JenkinSol Energies