My understanding of reiki has changed dramatically...


My understanding of reiki has changed dramatically since I received my first attunement in 2016.

There's no denying it was a powerful experience, as I was completely thrown into a very awake state of living, and mourned the death of my untold truths.
Upon seeing the truth within me, I had to look at the truth across the board, which was painful, scary, freeing and uplifting all in the same breath.

Now as a reiki master, through teaching my perception completely changed, as my relationship with God and myself has grown, to which I'm having to look at the whole template of which teaching and attunements are given.

Now I could easily dilute the use of the word god, and have so for many years, fearing the backlash, and persecution. But here's the thing, I know my god not to be who others seek from religion, who you read about in the bible. I know the god, that is me, the sacred life force, the powerful creator, the limitless energy.....

The life force of reiki, which is the life force of god already flowed within me long before any attunement, and just as is with life, I CHOSE to align with my true self, no longer denying god out of fear, but to experience this as part of my physical exsistance from that first attunement.

Are you receiving any thing special during an attunemt? Some kind of magic? Some kind of power? 
As I stand now, I don't believe you are. What I do believe however; and this is the most precious gift of all, is the gift to yourself. An ackledgement of your own powerful creations, a recognition of the life force that is fully alive within you, flowing with such magnitude, you couldn't possibly comprehend where you are today at just how beautifully alive you really are. I view the attunement as a stage to stand before god and say "yes this is me, and I choose to fully align, take responsibility and know the life within me and who I really am"

I guess upon reflection I viewed giving attunements from a place of ego, and it is only now I am humble to know to witness and support others in their remembrance and return to them selves and the loving embrace of life and living.

So it doesn't matter which attunement you do, be it angelic, usui, holy fire- for its all the same. There's no levels, jumping through hoops, tests set out by the universe for it is all relative to your understanding.
It's unbelievably simple-
You choose
You set your intent with creation
And then you action and experience.

And that's it.

You don't receive the power to heal yourself, and you don't receive the power the heal others, for the love and power is already within you- 
your intent and choice to know this is enough.

B & O

Oliver JenkinSol Energies