I share my own experiences of being an empath. 


Its been a long old week for me.......here i share my own experiences of being an empath. 

The struggle of an empath.

To have the depth and understanding of a person's position from which they are stood directing their pain and hurt towards you. 

Are you ment to put aside your feelings? And come from a place of unconditional love and compassion . Judgements removed, and just witness the person for who and exactly what they are as they release their pain in finding their truth. 

How hard is it not to allow your own personal triggers to ignite inner demons and habitual patterns of illusion and denials. 

And then there is the mirror in all of it.....what part of yourself are you denying? Is there something within you that needs to be released...... 

Or Perhaps it's not that there is anything wrong within you except that you are being asked to just be more.....

Be more loving, be more forgiving, be more compassionate, be the witness,be the listener for the other person..... 

Maybe its even to Action and experience the concept you have of yourself- that you ARE all those things..... 
isn't that what life is all about anyway. 

Who are you to say a person's behaviour towards you is wrong or right...... for there you are casting judgement of yourself and of them. There lies a clue to not take it personally. 

But what if your guideline of truth to be upheld is only the residue of feeling from that experience, where then does that leave you? And have you long forgotten the truth that resides within you? 

It's a precarious balance, and yet I am still held and pulled to a place of love. For love is infinite, and I know in my soul, love will conquer all.

Love Bex 


Oliver JenkinSol Energies