🌟 I want to talk to you about manifestation


🌟 I want to talk to you about manifestation, what it means how we can use and what it means to truly dream 🌟

When I first started out on this journey there were many examples, many happy lives, many people shining their truth that I hung up in front of me as an example to compare myself to.

What I realised is that I was giving away my power. I had become a spiritual groupie 😳 thinking and believing that I needed someone else to facilitate the "spiritual" experience for me.

For some reason I thought that something had to be achieved, that I had to go through some sort of "process", that I wasn't good enough to be truly happy.

I went to a Church of England primary school and then a secondary catholic school. The only part of the religious experience in that which actually spoke to me was prayer.

No one telling me what to think, feel or do, just me and my thoughts, hopes and dreams and whoever or whatever I thought I was telling them to.

Praying made sense to me, even as a child. It felt good. And even then I knew I was being heard.

So what of your dreams...and what of your hopes...how to take them from your heart and to your hands and to make them real!

The trick...or rather the part that is actually a lot simpler than it may seem, is that you believe and beat from your heart the joy and bliss of being in a state where what you want to manifest has already come into your reality.

Case in point...last January I was on the coach back from London. I meditated and visualised myself in a meaningful happy and loving relationship with someone with whom I could be myself...to the fullest.

I received a message from a voice in my head...this will make you laugh 😜

It said...

"Go on plenty of fish"

Don't worry...I thought it was a joke too! But little did I know how that act of trust would change my life forever.

Unknown to me...a wonderful lady had received the same message. She lived in Exmouth. Her name was Bex.

We were both on plenty of fish for the grand total of 48hrs before we connected, and came off it!

And the rest as they say...is history ❤️

Now...if I had gone about this by focusing all of my energy and intent on the how...as in "how am I to find the person for me, who is my equal, who will inspire me, who will accept me and who I accept in their fullest" I don't think we would have ever met.

But...I focused my energy and intent instead on that feeling.

That's all you need...the feeling.

Because that has in it all the information and energy you need to bring your vibration in match to what is good for you at this time.

Bex's and my time certainly had come. But if we didn't have the trust to ask openly for love, then how could we have ever received it?


It's not just big things like finding your soul mate. Little things too.

This week was looking thin on the ground client wise. So, Sunday evening, I imagined the feeling of satisfaction from treating people who matched my vibration and got exactly what they needed to grow from me and the time spent together.

Needless to say...I'm feeling pretty satisfied with all the lovely people I saw this week and who miraculously crossed my path.

Point is...it's easier than you think.

Breathe. Believe. See.

Your dreams will come true, as long as your not to stubborn about the way they come in well...because...everyone loves a surprise really and as they say...that energy of love and creation sure does move in mysterious ways!

Be open to you. Be open to your own happiness. Be open to possibility!


If you've read this and that little voice in your head has been chirping in saying it isn't possible, perhaps I can help.

Sometimes all you need is for someone to stand with you and to show you they believe in you, so you can believe in yourself.

And you know...I don't want you to follow me...

I just want you to be you...wonderful, amazing, beautiful you 🦋

Ollie x

Oliver JenkinSol Energies