Meet the team

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At Sol Energies we bring the lessons from our individual journeys through into our treatments and all the work we do. We aim to support you on your individual journey by getting the rest, motivation and self-care tools that you need to empower you in your day to day life.

With many different treatments to choose from, support in the form of post care and online materials, we can help and guide you in becoming the best version of you.

We believe in YOU. We bring this belief to everything we do. Whether it be treatments, workshops, retreats or just the way we interact with you, we know that Sol Energies exists to help you find peace and contentment within yourself through self compassion.



I can wholehearted say I love my job! It’s an absolute joy to help, heal, listen, share, uplift and inspire every single day. The joy for me comes from witnessing the individuals journey, be it, a one off 60 minute massage from seeing someone limp in with the weight of the world on their shoulders, and them literally float out the door, to the people I see over a course of time and the personal transformation in their world and in themselves.

I am extremely passionate about giving people the tools to live a more peaceful, happy and healthy life, despite the stresses and exhaustion many of us face. Iv had quite a journey myself, and complementary therapies has been my saving grace in being able to find balance and contentment.

I pride myself on being a positive, kind and caring person with a real enthusiasm for life, and I will absolutely always do my best to help, support and nurture the beauty within you.


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Over the years I have realised that professionalism is not supposed to be a wall or barrier, but rather a door. In this way, by providing a safe, friendly and humorous atmosphere, it means people of all ages feel safe enough to allow their own barriers to fall and their truth and happiness to shine through.

Whether it's in an individual treatment, workshop, business or school setting, I am proud to say I always make every effort to connect with those in my company. Feeling welcome in your own skin is something I teach by example, so that those around me may work on themselves by way of self-acceptance, leading ultimately to self-love!

It's not easy sometimes, but it sure is supposed to be simple, and that's what I aim to return you to. Simplicity. Lessons from my own journey remind me that compassion is at the core, and I'll always do my best by you to help you on your journey, as countless others have done for me. Pass it on!



Hi ! My name is Leanne Osborne and my sole aim is to help improve your wellbeing through treating your mind, body and soul with massage that will change your life.

From Lawyer to Holistic Therapist and from city to sea side living - my own journey has been one of much change with many ups, a few downs and everything in-between! Throughout my life I have always turned to holistic treatments to help manage stress, relax my body and mind and regain my equilibrium. This has helped me maintain a sense of wellbeing and happiness no matter what life has thrown at me and I want to be able to help you achieve this too .



If you had told me when I was younger, when you grow up you’ll be helping people feel better and more in control of their own wellbeing by dangling a pendulum and tapping points around your face, I would have laughed my socks off.  Coming from a place where I thought there was nothing that could help me and that desperation of how will I ever be free of myself and my mind, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Dowsing are actually what has saved me and I am thankful to those skills every single day which is why I love to share with others not only what it is but show them how it can make such a difference.  When there was no light at the end of the tunnel, this became my light and I just wanted more of the wonderful way it made me feel.  More and more free with each session.

I now help people with my own creative EDT (Emotional Dowsing Techniques) which help to get to the root of the matter quickly, calmly and in a kind way.  It’s good to be kind to yourself, it took me a long time to really understand what that means and I am still growing and learning and love the new ways in which my skills can help others.  I’m a very lucky girl and it is always a privilege to help others deal with issues they don’t want to face.



Hello My name is Sharon Jones, I have come to massage via a background of nursing and health. I am passionate about the benefits that massage can bring to peoples lives, it's a time to relax and heal whilst boosting energy and giving everyone a great sense of well being.

I massage using various techniques from Swedish to hot stones and use a holistic approach to each client. I am a grounded, postive person with a huge enthusiasm for life and nothing gives me more of a boost than to see clients re energised/relaxed after having a massage.